Ash bonsai

Ash bonsai

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How to grow ash bonsai: care, exposure, needs and characteristics of the plant. Fertilizer and when to irrigate.

After seeing the care to impart to elm bonsai (Chinese elm or Japanese elm), I will tell you again about bonsai of Asian origin with Chinese ash.

Ash bonsai

What you see in the photo above is my specimen ofFraxinus Chinensis(Chinese ash), one of the many species of the genusFraxinus.

I bought it by mail order and, at the time of purchase, the seller told me I was 40 years old. Upon arrival of thebonsaiit didn't take me long to understand that the specimen was no more than 30 years old but not bad: with ibonsaiit is not the age of the plant that counts but the years of care given to give the plant a certain shape. TheChinese ashexhibits rapid growth.

A goodbonsaiit should never have a slender trunk and, at the level of the collar, it should have a thickening.

TheChinese ashit is a plant native to Asia (China and Korea) and tropical Asia (Indochina, Vietnam ...). It was only introduced in Colombia in 1960. It does not grow in Europe, so it should be considered aindoor bonsai.

In nature theChinese ashit reaches 25 meters in height with a trunk with a diameter of 1 meter. It is a very plantproliferatesand yours toobonsai cultivationit is particularlyvegetative.Do you know what this means? Which needs a lotcare and attentions.

Where to place the ash bonsai

TheFraxinus chinensisit's aindoor bonsai, in the sense that in the winter period it must necessarily be grown in a protected environment. In the summer, it should be kept outside, in a bright but shady place.

In winter, it should be kept indoors and wet frequently because the plant does not tolerate a dry environment. Place the plant in a very bright area of ​​the house.

Ash bonsai, care

Mineash bonsaiit is 59 cm high and… very dirty! All thebonsaiprolific do. Theash treeit is a deciduous tree: with the first autumn colds it begins to lose all its leaves and then re-propose new ones with the following spring.

Between spring and summer, thefraxinus chinensisit is in full germination, for this reason it must be irrigated more frequently and fertilizations must not be missing.

In summer, to avoid rapid leaf decay, you will need to wet the soil up to 4 times a day! THEbonsaithey place their roots in a very limited substrate and for this reason they do not have many nutritional elements available, except those that you bring.

Ash bonsai fertilizer

Existfertilizersspecific forbonsaibut these are not always necessary. For theash bonsaia simple nitrogen fertilizer will suffice.

If you choose a liquid fertilizer, you will need to administer it every 20 days from spring to autumn with a break during the two hottest months. Alternatively, you can administer a granular or extended-release stick fertilizer. In this case he will have to administer the fertilizer between March and April (with spring) and administer it again in September (at the end of summer).

If you already have a slow release nitrogen based fertilizer at home (even if it's for vegetables!) You can use that. Otherwise here's an inexpensive fertilizer that's perfect for the purpose:slow-release stick fertilizer. This product can be purchased on Amazon at a price of 4.99 euros with free shipping.

Pruning and tying

In summer, shorten the new shoots to the first two leaves. Theretying the branches of the bonsaiit should be performed from spring to summer, protecting the bark.

Repotting the ash bonsai

canrepottheash bonsaievery 2 or 3 years. At the time ofrepottingyou will have to perform an important onepruningof the root system. Therepottingyou can do this in the fall or early spring. Avoidrepotting the bonsaiwhen it is in full germination (in summer).

The suitable substrate sees 60% universal soil, 20% peat and 20% coarse sand.

Video: how to make bonsai tree step by step animation for beginner. llutrasi membentuk bonsai buat pemula (June 2022).


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