Microcirculation: power supply

Microcirculation: power supply

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Microcirculation, it is called micro but it is responsible for many ailments that just micro. When the circulation is not working at its best, it is essential to understand why and above all to remedy it, even with natural strategies. There are cases in which they are not enough, it will be the doctor to evaluate, and it is necessary to resort to an integrative therapy for prevent the formation of edema and protect the walls of the vessels.

Microcirculation power supply

There are some foods that are particularly recommended for those with gods microcirculation problems, first of all blueberries, rich in anthocyanosides that strengthen the structure of blood vessels and improve the elasticity of the walls. There are other fruits that are excellent: grapes, also rich in flavonoids, useful for the elimination of free radicals, and then avocado, which keeps blood pressure low, reducing the risk of hypertension.

Citrus fruits, and in particular oranges and lemons, being rich in vitamin C and polyphenols, they are useful for toning blood vessels and helping to eliminate free radicals.

It's not just the fruit a fight microcirculation problems, more substantial foods such as salmon, pumpkin seeds and the dark chocolate: great news right?

Products to improve the microcirculation

Tamari Bancha tea, excellent because rich in calcium and iron, digestive and with many vitamins A and C, relieves fatigue and stimulates circulation. Staying on the tea, there is also theUme-Sho-Bancha, based on umeboshi, soy sauce and ginger, indicated in case of slow circulation. If we prefer the wine, the red one it is great for circulation when consumed in reasonable doses. It offers benefits for the cardiovascular system, is rich in tannins that boast a anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrheal action.

Microcirculation: herbs

Without detracting from the effectiveness of actual therapeutic treatments, which involve the use of drugs and must be prescribed by a doctor, we can talk here about herbs that act positively on the microcirculation. There are numerous that contain substances with vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet action.

Sometimes more than just using single herbs you can take extracts with plant mix containing phytocomplexes that act synergistically and positively.

However, we mention some of the herbs and plants that are particularly friendly to the microcirculation. The Centella or Asian Hydrocotyle (Gotu Kola) stimulate the synthesis of collagen and increase the resistance of the blood capillary walls, improving microcirculation.

There Vitis vinifera protects blood vessels and strengthens smooth muscles, horse chestnut is rich in aescin which has a "sealing" effect on the capillary membranes, Butcher's broom (Ruscus aculeatus) ruscogenine, contains many molecules with phlebotonic, capillaroprotective, anti-inflammatory and diuretic activities, is also used to counteract swelling and a sense of heaviness in the legs.

Microcirculation gel

For those who have microcirculation problems there are also numerous therapies that act topically, made with active ingredients suitable for the purpose. There are now many products on the market such as creams and above all gels that have a rapid and high release effect on the skin.

One herb that is used to carry out topical treatments is Melilotus officinalis, rich in flavonoids, saponins and tannins, it is recommended not only for microcirculation but also for bruises and superficial bruises

Microcirculation: exercises

Physical activity is the best natural remedy that exists at this juncture, if done in the right measure and accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet. IS' It is important to exercise regularly, without experimenting too much with strange disciplines and getting the right equipment: a wrong pair of shoes can be really harmful. Speaking of shoes, that's fine don't overdo wearing high heels.

Returning to the sport suitable for microcirculation, the most athletic can equip themselves with socks for runners that help circulation, which can also be purchased on Amazon, for 19 euros.

Microcirculation and cellulite

It often happens, especially to women, that i microcirculation problems also lead to the appearance of cellulite, on the legs but not only! If you want to fight it it is necessary to start general and local treatments. Cellulite is a consequence of poor circulation therefore act by improving the microcirculation it also lends a hand from an aesthetic point of view.

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