Dog itching: causes and remedies

Dog itching: causes and remedies

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Dog itch, which causes him to scratch even in an exaggerated way, to the point of creating wounds or irritations. Much also depends on the tolerance threshold of each individual animal. It happens exactly like with people, there are subjects who have a very low itch threshold (S.D.P.), so they scratch often, and those who resist a lot. If we have a dog with a low threshold we must be more careful about how much and how he scratches.

Dog itching: causes

It can be a trivial reason, or a more serious cause: the Dog itching is a clinical sign which is easily found and which must be investigated precisely because it can mean anything and everything. Among the most frequent causes of dog itching are parasitic dermatitis, food or seasonal allergies. It is important, to investigate the reasons for this disorder, to understand if it is chronic. In this case it is also good to investigate the possibility that it is allergic diseases.

If dog itch occurs in a particular season, it most likely is caused by parasites that proliferate in those days or months. Mosquitoes in the summer. In spring, the culprits are not insects, but pollen or weeds.

Dog itching and shedding

Dog itching can also correspond to hair loss, it can cause it but it can also be a consequence of it. This happens above all in areas such as the abdomen, hips, armpits and neck. Hair loss usually also occurs on the abdomen and groin, or near the genitals where the dog can also lick itself in an insistent and harmful way. When the dog, in addition to itching, also has rarefaction and loss of hair, it is called alopecia.

Dog itching and dermatitis

There dermatitis, already mentioned in the most frequent causes of dog itching deserves a separate chapter, indeed, an article in itself: Dog dermatitis. It is not serious but very annoying and for this reason it is better to take our pet to the vet so that he can advise us on the best treatment.

Dog itch: natural remedies

Sometimes dog itch is a sign of stress. Then a 100% natural remedy and also beneficial for us masters is that of music therapy. In this way our pet relaxes and if the itch was had psychological causes, it will pass.

If the music does not work, or if we already suspect different reasons, then it is better to immediately contact a veterinarian who will be able to indicate yes natural remedies but aimed at treating real pathologies that have itching as a symptom. For example, with a diet "fixed" by an expert, everything can pass, if due to ingredients to which the animal was intolerant without our knowledge.

Canine coccidiosis: causes

Better not take it for granted, even if I've done it so far. Also fleas can be the cause of itching. Let's not exclude them a priori because even if we think that "it will never happen to our dog that we take care of so well", it is not necessarily immune. The fleas are "smart" animals that treacherously hit even the cleanest and most pampered dogs.

Itchy dog ​​ears

Dog itching in the ears is a symptom to be considered separately, compared to itching elsewhere. There are in fact some specific pathologies that cause itchy ears. L'otoacariasis, for example, which mainly affects kittens and is due to an invisible parasite that can also harm cats.

Even the auricular phlegm can create inflammation that gives an itchy sensation and the same goes for ear infections caused by the presence of a foreign body which can be a ear of grass, a pebble or something similar.

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