Puppy leash: tips

Puppy leash: tips

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Puppy leash, it is a sin on the one hand, to impose it on them, seeing them so small and soft and innocent. They seem harmless, but if we don't put them on a leash on certain occasions we can also incur fines and, apart from the economic side, precisely because they are puppies, we can imagine that they do not always have an idea of ​​what can be done and what cannot be done.

Even just a puppy that runs after a child who is holding an ice cream, to taste it, it is not a good scene to see. Whether the mother is understanding and dog-loving or not, it is good to use the puppy leash when needed. There are various types of puppies leash, and also various puppies, it is necessary to understand which one is suitable for us.

Initially it will not be a pleasant experience for our little friend, but we will get used to it and he will understand that he can only use it on certain occasions.

Puppy leash: tips

The reaction to the Leash, by the puppies, it also depends a lot on how it is proposed. And when. If it is too small, or in a place that does not reassure him, making him even more uncomfortable with this "new coercive tool" is not strategically successful. Also waiting too long, it can then create problems for us, because an anarchist puppy for 6 months is not very happy to be on a leash.

Around 3 - 4 months is the right time to start with Puppy leash always paying attention to reactions. A general educational program is needed for timing, but we must not be too rigid because it is a living being, the dog, not a PC.

Especially the first few times, we avoid reproaches or tugs, and if he implants, we try to entice him with a morsel. After an initial period of refusals and perplexities, then he will be convinced that the leash is not so impractical and sometimes it coincides with a walk in the green and lots of pampering from people met.

Leash puppies education and training

To educate the Puppy leash it is always better to associate with this object something positive and rewarding like a meal or a moment of play. To begin, then, we do not close all the laces, we leave the lace soft and the attachments so that it does not have the impression of being trapped.

Once we manage to go out with the puppy on a leash, we continue to reward him with cookies and caresses every time he is a polite dog and does not pull. Day by day, with patience and constancy, the improvements can be seen.

Harness puppies leash

The model of Puppy leash it is difficult to choose and should be evaluated by looking at our character and nature. It is also better to hear from the vet and the evaluations of those who have already used a certain model. It goes a bit in fashion and it is therefore good to have expert references that they can help us.

One of the models that can be considered is the one that binds to the harness. On line The harness with adjustable durable harness costs 7 euros and is suitable when you have dogs that walk a lot. It is equipped with a quick release plastic buckle, very easy to apply, and allows the dog to move or run freely.

Puppy leash and collar

The collar, if we don't use the harness, it must not be suffocating. Both for health reasons and for the relationship between us and our puppy. The puppy initially opposes the idea of ​​being controlled but using a collar that hurts or hurts him to make him understand how to behave is not very effective and risks ruining the understanding between animal and owner.

At first we can use a leash three meters long, not roll-up, so that the dog can move and jump, the first days instead of the collar can also be used a ribbon of cloth.

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