Smart home: what it is

Smart home: what it is

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Smart home: what it is, new technologies with home automation and information on the internet of things. Definition of smart home and practical examples.

In asmart homethe home automation system controls everything to ensure maximum comfort with minimum consumption of resources and, within the day, the internet of things also enters.

Smart home, what is it

There is no singledefinitionJournal of the conceptsmart home. Below we propose one of oursdefinitionwhich is able to grasp the primary essence of this technological concept:

A smart home can be defined as a structure equipped with home automation technologies that allow occupants to remotely program, automate and manage the electrical devices present.

There is a strong correlation betweensmart homeishome automation. They are provided by the industryhome automationall technologies capable of transforming an ordinary home into onesmart home.

Smart home and domotics

Fromhome automationtraditional toInternet of Things, or the web network used to connect the various appliances in the house to each other (and to humans).

The concept ofsmart homeaims to maximize home comfort with a field of applications that, thanks to theinternet of things, has expanded to 360 ° to involve any aspect and device of the house. The primary objectives of asmart homethere are three:

  • Energy saving
  • Safety
  • Living comfort

Thanks to the technologies of asmart homeyou can control any room in the house even from miles away.

Thanks to the union betweeninternet of things and home automation, onesmar homeit can have any device that can be controlled or managed automatically.

To have practical examples of possible applications in one smart home, we point out a short list of technologies already made available by many manufacturers:

  • Management of air conditioning and home temperature thanks to the remote control made possible by the wifi thermostat or by the inverter air conditioners with integrated wifi.
  • Appliance management, for example, the Samsung washing machine that starts from the Smartphone or the smart refrigerator (always Samsung) that allows us to do the shopping list remotely.
  • Management of scenarios that involve all or some of the devices in the house.
  • Management of shutters or curtains.
  • Lighting management with motion sensors or twilight sensors.
  • Constant monitoring of energy consumption with smart appliances that come into operation when the electricity tariff is more convenient.
  • Signaling of the presence of smoke, flooding, fires, short circuits, electrical leaks ...
  • Signaling of air quality and activation of filters for forced ventilation.
  • Intrusion security with surveillance system manageable by smartphone.
  • Remote access to the perimeter cameras of the house with scenario management. In practice, it is possible to answer the intercom of the house even from the other side of the world and see who is outside the front door!
  • Monitoring of various parameters chosen by the occupants (air health, humidity, temperature, presence of allergens, CO2 ...).

The intelligent objects present in aSmart homethey allow you to always have everything under control, giving you the possibility - among other things - to monitor consumption and save energy.

That ofsmart home and home automationit is a booming market. To better understand all the potential offered by asmart homewe invite you to read our insights on:

We explain the various possible applications between home, garden and pool. From robots that automatically clean swimming pools and homes, to devices that maximize the performance of solar panels, without forgetting simpler applications with sensors. At home, thanks to twilight sensors, motion sensors, thermometers, sensors for air quality, hygrometers ... you can always have the ideal habitat for your needs.

If home automation was born with sensors, today, thanks to physical servers and the web, it is possible to integrate a series of functions that allow remote management of the home and even finer automations. Imagine you suffer from an allergy, a purifier could be connected to the pollen bulletin to improve the air quality of the house!

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