How to organize a move yourself

How to organize a move yourself

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How to organize a move yourself: useful tips from furniture transport to do-it-yourself organization. How to move (even abroad) saving money and optimizing time.

Themoving houseit is a complicated operation by which all the assets of a family are moved fromPoint Ato thePoint B. The amount ofgoodsis proportional tohistoryof that family. There is a big difference betweenorganize a single moveor organize a move for the whole family!

How to organize a move yourself

Safety should be the priority of the move. If you wantorganize a move yourselfinquire about the load capacity of your car and if you have a very small city car, ask yourself if it is really worth it. You will have to travel a lot, consume gasoline and with heavy loads you could compromise the stability of the vehicle.

Making your financial assessments, consider hiring a van.

If you have to move a very heavy safe, piece of furniture or closet, don't do it alone. In this context, you could compromise the health of your back.

Thedo it yourself moveit is possible but only if you do not act in absolute autonomy and only if you have the right body to do it. If you are not the athletic type, forget about carrying armchairs and sofas up the stairs of the new building!

Practical tips for dealing with a move alone

1. Get help from a friend, take down sofas and wardrobes and organize them in such a way as to be able to transport them more easily.

2. If you have a huge safe or closet, make sure you have all the right tools to disassemble and re-assemble. Take pictures of what the wardrobe looks like so as to remember the right placement of the components when re-assembling.

3. Pack all the furniture components. Use plain wrapping paper or plastic film for sturdy items. For fragile objects, use packaging plastics with air bubbles.

4. Buy a trolley to transport the material from the house to the car. On Amazon you will find a large number of hand carts that will give you the ability to transport packages, washing machine, refrigerator and furniture components with minimal effort. To understand what I'm talking about, I refer you to the pageHand Cart on Amazon, you will notice that the simplest models can be bought with a few tens of euros. Before purchasing, evaluate the load capacity you really need.

5. Take an inventory of the items you are moving. It may seem boring to you but when you are in the new house, it will help you a lot to organize yourself. On each box you seal, write us the contents in detail. The inventory and the notes are very useful in saving you from losing objects and confusion.

6. Always empty the furniture before moving them and, to eliminate friction with the floor, use an old blanket as shown in the photo above.

7. Take advantage of the move to make a selection of what you really need. You can donate unnecessary items, clothes you don't know when you'll wear again, and books you probably won't ever re-read!

8. In the case of antique furniture, fine furnishings, consider contacting a mover who can offer you a guarantee for that particular object of value. Consider contacting a transporter directly by bypassing the moving companies. You can find all the information in our article dedicated to the transport of furniture.

9. To move sofas and tables, first remove the “legs” and all components that can be removed. Armrests, cushions, islands, foldaway bed ... ideally you should make the sofa as compact as possible so as to facilitate transport. Protect the sofa with bubble wrap plastic wrap.

10. Moving the mattress is very difficult: the double mattress is bulky and moreover, if it is of the latest generation, it should not be folded otherwise it would be damaged. Also in this case you will have to consider hiring a van or the intervention of a mover.

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