Mother-in-law's milk: drink and degrees

Mother-in-law's milk: drink and degrees

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With the nice name of mother-in-law's milk we refer to an alcoholic herbal drink. High alcohol content. Riding the ironic jokes that have always been around mothers-in-law in general, this bizarre name associates this relative with the burning sensation that is felt in the throat when you drink this milk. Staying out of family matters, let's see what he knows about and what contains this liqueur.

Mother-in-law's milk: cocktail

The scent is caramelized, very aromatic and also harmonious, not ferocious but certainly rich. You can recognize thearoma of fresh fruit and cocoa, as for the color, it can be defined amber but bright, never too dark.

The flavor, it is quite firm, of character, like the real mother-in-law from stereotype, and has a lingering aftertaste. We can find it as an ingredient in cocktails, but it must be refined cocktails, or a variation of the classic ones, otherwise it is more likely to be in flambé cocktail because it has a high concentration of alcohol which makes it highly flammable.

Mother-in-law's milk: how many degrees

The mother-in-law's milk has a alcohol content of 75% Vol, among the highest to be found around. It is a rather dry liqueur and they need it to produce it more than a hundred herbs.

Homemade mother-in-law milk

It has an origin mother-in-law's milk is very "homemade" and dates back to the mid-nineteenth century when Bortolo Zanin, in Zugliano, was the manager of an inn, today it is the distillery where this liqueur is produced. Between one dish and another, Zanin seems to have served and also advised liqueurs of its production, made with the pomace that his vineyard, an artisanal still in copper and a lot of passion.

Since 1895 this hobby has turned into a profession, with the official production of mother-in-law's milk which began to become popular in the early 1900s both in Veneto and in Lombardy.

Mother-in-law's milk: where to buy it

Initially the mother-in-law's milk it was suspected of having contraceptive properties so it was not easy to launch it on the market as simple liqueur to taste. Once it became clear that this rumor had no medical basis or supporting scientific evidence, it began to be found mother-in-law milk bottles in dedicated stores and today it is quite easy to find it, even online. To recognize it, we look for the characteristic the label with skull white on black background that distinguishes it.

Mother-in-law's milk: recipe

They can be found online numerous versions of the recipe, we keep in mind that it is not at all easy to prepare it from scratch given the number of herbs needed to make it have the its typical aroma.

Better to surrender and buy a bottle, sipping a glass from time to time, with measure, while we read "Practical tips for killing my mother-in-law”, By Giulio Perrone, a good book, which is not harmful to health even if devoured.

Mother-in-law's milk: ingredients

Among the ingredients of mother-in-law's milk we find many berries and alpine herbs, a distillate is created which is then processed by infusion, cold extraction and mixing with alcohol. When all this is done, it must be aged for about 4 months in oak barrels.

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