Belly dance: techniques and benefits

Belly dance: techniques and benefits

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Belly dance, let's not get into the head that it is an activity that does not concern us and that we cannot approach, with a little patience and perseverance, and a desire to do, everyone can learn to do Belly dance and to benefit from it. Indeed, benefits, because there are several and it is good to know them before saying that it is not for us!

Belly dance: origins

There Belly dance was born from a series of fertility rituals, recalls the concepts of Earth, Mother Earth, and of a woman and the idea she transmits is that of wanting celebrate the feminine ability to create.

Today perhaps those who don't know much about it associate it with folkloric, “cruise” or holiday village shows, but this is not its purpose at all. In fact, originally belly dancing was not aimed at men but remained a ritual between women, a women's dance for women. Together, with this ritual, they celebrated fertility in the ancient matriarchal societies of Mesopotamia.

It is not sensuality, what it therefore wants to convey, but it femininity-fertility.

Belly dance: benefits

Having clarified the context and the origin of belly dance, we can return to the present and discover the numerous benefits for the body and mind feminine that it entails.

Manages to make a remarkable improvement of blood circulation and also of intestinal transit, it treats menstrual pains and those of the spine, both at the lumbar level both cervical.

Belly dance hides gods benefits also on a psychological level. Many recommend it to women who have accumulated tension, or to those who need to have a greater awareness of their body. Even those who are at peace with their self can devote yourself to belly dancing to improve balance and feel a sense of rebirth and to rediscover her own femininity.

Belly dance: techniques

The techniques of belly dance they are designed in such a way that mainly the belly and hips are stimulated. They often involve gods circular movements of the pelvis, the sway of the abdomen and the torsion of the trunk. Precisely those "moves" that relax the internal organs but also improve circulation and strengthen the back muscles.

Here because Belly dance techniques are often recommended for those suffering from lower back pain, of scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis. They are also excellent for those who want lose a little volume on the hips or slim down on the legs.

Even those expecting a baby can take advantage of the techniques of belly dance, slow, fluid and with circular movements, for loosen the muscles and relax, especially in the pelvis. Even postpartum these movements can help the new mother to stay in contact with your body and regain, if lost, a general psychophysical harmony.

Belly dance in Milan

In Milan there are numerous opportunities to learn and practice belly dance. Among the more established schools we point out the one directed by Marina Nour, in Via Marazzani, 7. On the official websitedanceventre.comyou will find several proposals suitable for both experts and beginners, with the certainty of finding a qualified teacher and an environment in which you will feel perfectly at ease. You will have the opportunity to attend midweek belly dance courses as of other specialties, but if it does not fit with your weekly commitments you can still participate in the organized dance weekends that you will find presented on the site.

Belly dance: music

So far we have talked about belly dancing without even mentioning the presence of music which is instead an essential element. IS it too offers benefits very similar to those of music therapy. The soothing and peaceful but also joyful rhythms of oriental music provoke positive feelings in those who practice this dance: serenity, joy, sense of self-confidence.

Belly dance: clothes

THE dressed to practice belly dance they are of various types, you can choose the most characteristic but also keep a more western and neutral style. If we want to immerse ourselves totally in this discipline, we can also take a look at the numerous accessories such as double veil or finger tips, small percussion instruments in brass or bronze typical of the Egyptian version of belly dance.

In some cases it is expected the use of a tambourine, a candlestick, of a very particular veil called "wings of Isis" or a sort of swords.

Belly dance: tutorial

On line we can find numerous video tutorials on belly dance. The best thing, however, is always to try for yourself to understand what it is, if it is for us and if it can give us benefits.

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