Dogs at the sea

Dogs at the sea

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Dogs at the sea, all at the beach, all at the beach with the dogs. It is possible and it is pleasant, both to be able to spend the holidays with your four-legged friend, and to not have the worry about where to leave it, and to not have to spend money to be sure that it is in a reliable place it's safe. In short, if you can, it's worth it go with the dogs to the sea and before choosing your holiday destination, better inform us about what the law says and about the possibilities that exist for us today dog owners and beach lovers.

Dogs at the sea: tips

When carrying the dogs at the sea it is good to know and follow some unwritten rules that can avoid unpleasant inconveniences. Incidents that can ruin your holidays to us, to the dog and also to those who eventually grumble about his presence.

A bit like in condominium or neighborhood life, even on the beach with the dog there are rules of civil coexistence which provide for the fact that each owner watches over their dog in a manner that it does not bother, that it does not raise sand by digging holes close to other people and so on.

It is also essential that you do not bark too much, for example, because it could be disturbing or frightening who is not used to having quadrupeds between their feet. If there are balls on the beach, it is better that our dog does not chase them if those who are playing with them do not like. A delicate but priority issue, that of needs. It always applies but even more so when we go to the beach with the dogs, let's never forget a bag and a shovel to collect shit and a bottle of water to pour over the pee.

Dogs at the sea: law

Whatever the impatient may say, there is no law that prohibits it presence of dogs on the beach a priori, public ones are to be considered "free" even for animals unless there is a prohibition that explicitly excludes them in an irrefutable way.

This is good to know because on the one hand the laws of civil coexistence must be respected, but on the other hand they must also be defended our rights as a bather with a dog. If the police come close, they must still demonstrate that the presence of dogs is clearly and officially prohibited on that beach.

Dogs at the sea: how to behave

Before going with the dogs at the sea, let's check what the ordinance says in the area we want to go to, to understand how, when and why it exists and what exactly it forbids.

In fact, in the municipal ordinances, for example, the reasons, the hourly extension and the limits of validity should be indicated. It is essential that there be the signature of the mayor or a delegated councilor or the commander of the traffic police and that it has also been published in the praetorian register. Any signs on the beach may not be authorized and official, it goes without saying that they are worth nothing.

Hotels that accept dogs by the sea

Especially in recent years the numbers have multiplied hotel facilities that welcome dogs to the sea. Indeed, there are some that even provide ad hoc services for quadrupeds, so that they feel welcomed at best.

This is not to treat dogs better than humans, as some may think, but to make them feel comfortable. do not disturb those who do not like them or those who want them to stay in their place for a peaceful coexistence, even marine.

Dogs can swim in the sea

In addition to evaluating whether we want to take the dogs to the sea, we must also ask ourselves if the dogs want to come to the beach with us. Let me explain: there are dogs that may also be afraid of water or bathing, or that do not like crowding, or the great heat that often for those with fur is really hard to bear.

For lovers of the beach life with a dog, there are some recommended breeds, including the Flat Coated, i Golden Retriever and i Labrador, i Newfoundland, much less inclined to swim i Dachshundsor i Bulldog. However, it always depends on the character of each individual specimen.

Dogs and swimming: equipment

No swimsuit for dogs at the beach, but maybe a pair of adjustable and foldable sunglasses can help. On Amazon we find a couple for sale at 5 euros, a lot of style.

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