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Rosemary: cultivation and cutting. How to prepare herbal tea, contraindications and properties of rosemary essential oil.

The rosemary it's aaromatic medicinal plant defined species suitable for both food and perfumery use, both medicinal and cosmetic use, up to applications in the veterinary field. In the field of natural remedies, theessential oil of rosemaryand herbal tea.

Rosemary, characteristics of the plant

Therosemaryis a shrub that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It is native to Europe, Asia and Africa. In Italy it grows spontaneously in coastal areas and throughout the Mediterranean scrub. It has also acclimatized well in the area of ​​the pre-alpine lakes and in the Po Valley.

Rosemary can also be grown in the house by the sea: it is very resistant and its name derives from the Latin wordsros(dew) emaris(of the sea).

Cultivation of rosemary

Before proceeding with the properties and uses of therosemary We refer you to two essential guides for the cultivation and drying of rosemary.

–How to grow rosemary
–How to dry rosemary

Therosemaryit is an easy plant tocultivate, very hardy, undemanding and propagates very well forcutting. For make a cutting of rosemary we advise you to follow our instructions: rooting is guaranteed! Here are the instructions for propagating rosemary:cutting of rosemary.

If you mean grow rosemary you can follow our guide indicated above paying attention to the starting species. Carefully choose the species and the most suitable variety in relation to the use you want to make of it.

Recipes with rosemary

Therosemary in cooking it is used to flavor vinegar and oil, to make bread, breadsticks and crackers; for flavoring meat dishes, soups, first courses (the instructions onhow to make rosemary risotto) and to prepare liqueurs, macerated in wine or alcohol.

Rosemary, uses and properties

The leaves of therosemarythey have an elongated, thin and rigid shape. After drying, the so-called "needles" are used to prepare herbal teas and infusions for health and therapeutic use. Rosemary is rich in hydroalcoholic substances useful for supporting the physiological digestive processes.

In the food industry, in the form of an extract, it is used as an additive with antioxidant properties. On food labels, you can read the initials E392 which indicates the rosemary extract.

It is used in the cosmetic sector in the form of glycerine extracts (based on glycerin), or as a hydrate and for itsessential oil. The fame of therosemaryit is directly proportional to the quantity of its active ingredients.

In the introduction we mentioned the veterinary sector. Rosemary is used as an ingredient in feed and in products used in veterinary medicine, in particular to solve digestive problems.

For external use, a macerate in wine is prepared and applied for antirheumatic packs. Rosemary macerates in alcohol are used to rub the scalp.

The food industry uses therosemarynot only directly (as an ingredient in food preparation) but also as a preservative. Thanks to the antioxidant and antimicrobial power of rosemary it is possible to increase the shelf life of a shelf product.

Rosemary essential oil

From the rosemarya. is obtained by steam distillationessential oilwhich finds application in a large number of sectors. L'essential oil of rosemaryit is used to flavor foods and drinks but its biggest interest lies in the pharmaceutical and perfume sector.

Ointments and creams rich in rosemary essential oil can be used for treat muscle sprains or to warm up the muscles in sports activities. In the perfume industry, rosemary essential oil is used to produce perfumes and colognes. Be careful though! Depending on the use, aessential oilwith different commodity qualities:

  • in the pharmaceutical field, theessential oil of rosemarywhich among its components includes camphor.
  • for food uses, aessential oil of rosemarypoor in camphor as the camphor components have an acrid taste and a very pungent odor.
  • the perfume industry prefers aessential oil of rosemarypoor in camphor and rich in verbenone, a substance that gives the essence a sweet and precious aromatic characteristic. Also highly sought after for the production of natural DIY perfumes.

It is possible to buy theessential oil of rosemary, as well as other natural essences, in the most well-stocked herbalists and shops specializing in the sale of natural products. It is also possible to buy rosemary essential oil by buying and selling at a distance, using online stores. Among the products with the best value for money we point out a bottle of 50 ml of rosemary essential oil proposed at a price of 8.99 euros with free shipping costs. For all information, please refer to the Amazon page of the product: 100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil - 50 ml bottle.

The essential oil just mentioned can be used for massages to relieve rheumatic pain, arthritis and contractures: it has analgesic properties. Well diluted, it can be used for healing washings and irrigations. Added to bath water (emulsified with coarse salt or even better with epsom salt) it serves as a corroborant to purify and tone the skin.

Rosemary, herbal tea

Rosemary herbal tea is very popular for purifying the liver and detoxifying the body. Below we will see how to prepare this herbal tea with interesting properties. The herbal tea is appreciated for its digestive, carminative and stomachic properties.

The herbal tea is rich in all the micronutrients found in the leaves, with the exception of Vitamin C which, being thermolabile, is dispersed in a large part during preparation.

Rosemary, contraindications

Rosemary essential oil must always be diluted in another vegetable oil calledcarrier or carrier oil. Like all essential oils, rosemary oil is also an irrigant if used pure because it is highly concentrated in active ingredients. Camphor essential oil is contraindicated in people suffering from epilepsy: in cases of overdose it could cause convulsions, vomiting and breathing problems.

Betweencontraindications related to the use of infusions and herbal tea, we point out that it is to be avoided if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or who are trying to get pregnant. It is also contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity or allergies to its components.

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