Grow lily of the valley

Grow lily of the valley

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Grow lily of the valley: tips for growing lily of the valley in bloom, to grow at home or in the garden. Meaning of the flower and characteristics of the plant.

Lily of the valley, flower and plant

Thethrushis a perennial herbaceous plant, ispoisonousand rhizomatous. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family (included in the Liliaceae). Its botanical name isConvallaria majalis.

ThereConvallaria majalisit grows spontaneously in the Italian pre-Alpine areas. It is widespread throughout Europe, Asia and America. It is supposed to be native to North America.

The botanical name, Canvallaria majalis, should derive from the Latin name Lilium convallium that is lily of the valleys. Ofthrushthere are several varieties, almost all with white flowers but there are rare pink-flowered varieties.

Whether white or pink, the flowers of lily of the valley are appreciated for their shape with a bell-shaped subglobose perigonum and for the intense scent.

Theflowering periodit is quite long. When does lily of the valley bloom? Flowering begins around March, with the first spring periods.

Grow lily of the valley

Therecultivation of lily of the valleyit should be started in a shady area of ​​the garden or on the balcony in the shade. It can be used to decorate flower beds placed at the foot of trees with dense foliage or in pots. Yep, lily of the valley is easy to grow even in pots.

Forgrow lily of the valleyyou need to be aware of a few simple notions. Such instructions are valid both for the cultivation of lily of the valley in pots, and when this plant is grown in the garden.

  1. Position
    Keep the plants in a shady location.
  2. Planting
    Before planting in the garden, work the soil with a deep dig. Bury some mature manure or compost.
  3. Lily of the valley in vase
    For growing potted lily of the valley, use a soft, rich and sandy (well-draining) soil.
  4. Irrigation
    It needs abundant and regular irrigation, especially in the vegetative period.
  5. Thrush in the house
    Those who want to grow lily of the valley at home will have to pay attention to watering twice as the soil tends to lose moisture due to domestic warmth.
  6. Rhizomes
    Those who grow from rhizomes, these must be planted a few centimeters deep.
  7. Lily of the valley in vase
    Choose containers with a diameter of 15-18 cm. Repotting the lily of the valley should be done after 2 years to regenerate the soil, divide the rhizomes or choose a larger pot.

Where to buy lily of the valley

Thethrushit can be found at nurseries, specialized garden centers or by taking advantage of the online purchase. We previously told you that lily of the valley is a plantrhizomatous, this means that it develops from some sort ofbulb root,the rhizome. On Amazon, there is no shortage of packs of white lily of the valley and pink lily of the valley bulbs. For information on purchasing, I refer you to the official Amazon page: lily of the valley bulbs. The best period for planting the bulbs reported is from October to February.

Thrush is poisonous

The thrushit is a poisonous plant, everyone knows, especially those who followed the TV series Breaking Bad. In the Breaking Bad series the protagonist, Walter White, used the thrush “Lily of the valley”To trigger typical poisoning symptoms in a child.

There are many poisonous species in nature. It is estimated that at least one in a hundred plants is poisonous. Among the poisonous plants there is no shortage of ornamental ones that we often find in the garden or at home. The thrushit's just an example but I could also mention the well-known Christmas star, Oleander or Hellebore.

Thethrushcontains, in its plant tissues, toxic substances which, if ingested by humans or animals, even in small quantities, can cause even serious disturbances and intoxications. Thethrush, just like the oleander, releases its poisonous active ingredients even in water. In short, if you have cut lily of the valley flowers, in a vase with water ... be careful how you handle them.

Lily of the valley, meaning of the flower

In the language of flowers, lily of the valley hides the meaning of innocence. In many cultures it is a symbol of happiness and is seen as a good luck charm.

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