Almond blossoms

Almond blossoms

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Almond blossoms, flower not only very delicate and beautiful but also full of meanings and used to symbolize important values ​​and traditions. Lot of myths and legends from various parts of the world are inspired by almond blossoms, sacred and profane, and not only from the Mediterranean areas which are the ones where it is born and grows best.

Almond blossoms: color

The almond blossoms it can be pure white or white but with pink shades, always very delicate and clear. It's a hermaphrodite flower, its diameter never exceeds 5 cm, the petals are 5 and then there are the stamens which can also be 40 or 50.

Flowering almond: period

Depending on the climate the period in which almond blossoms appear it can change, but in general we can expect to see them peep out in early spring. In the sunniest countries and which enjoy milder temperatures, don't be surprised if we happen to see them almond blossoms already in February, in general compared to other flowers remains among the earliest. It often appears before the leaves develop or at the same time.

L'pollination occurs thanks to insects, this implies the need to place many hives in the almond groves during the flowering period.

Almond blossoms: meaning

Precisely because they are among the first to give the signal that finally winter is ending and it's time to bloom, the almond blossoms are considered symbol of hope and in general of return to life. Of nature but also, by extension, of people. They don't last long once popped, so they also have a meaning of delicacy and fragility.

In the field of cosmetics, they can be used for shampoo production, especially those delicate and suitable for children, and then the almond milk. Not to spread but to drink like energy drink. It energizes but also has anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties. Emollient and soothing effect is what the oil obtained from almond blossoms, whoever wants to use it often treat stretch marks, being rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins.

Almond blossoms: tattoo

Given the meanings of this flower, it is easy to imagine that it is gladly subject of tattoos. As well as a basic ingredient for an elixir of love. Love that has yet to be born or that it must be renewed.

Almond blossoms: cultivation

Originally the almond tree was cultivated in central-western Asia and also in China but it is considered a typical plant especially of Sicily. Even today, many await the beginning of spring on purpose to admire its splendid blooms.

They were the Phoenicians to introduce this plant and almond blossoms to Sicily as in other areas of the Mediterranean. The almond blossom festival is also celebrated takes place in Agrigento in February.

Almond Blossoms: Van Gogh

If we find in the Greek mythology, the almond tree as a symbol of waiting for the fulfillment of a hope and constancy, in the well-known picture of Van Gogh which depicts almond blossoms we can admire them in their shining and delicate beauty.

In truth, the painter has dedicated at least a dozen paintings to these flowers, but the most famous is the oil 'Almond branch in bloom', painted in Saint Remy de Provence before dying. We can also buy one reproduction 50 x 76 cm, print on canvas, at 40 euros on Amazon.

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