How to clean the ceramic hob

How to clean the ceramic hob

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How to clean the ceramic hobwithout scratching it and obtaining shiny surfaces. Tips for cleaning the stove.

In fact, this guide devoted to thecleaning the ceramic hob, is also suitable for cleaning the induction hob (except, of course, for what concerns the cleaning of the stove!). The surfaces of theinduction hobsit is covered with a layer of glass ceramic.

How to clean the glass ceramic hobs

To have a hob that shines, you will also need to provide thecleaning the stove. Typically, cooktop manufacturers recommend cleaning the stove once a week.

If you get a lot dirty in the kitchen, however, you will probably have to clean the stove more frequently. Dirt is not always that obvious. Provide toclean the stovewhen:

  • The flame that comes out of the burner is yellow
  • The flame is not spread evenly
  • You hear a strange noise
  • There are dirt spots

Grids, stoves and flame spreaders can be washed in a completely ecological way: fill a basin with water and white wine vinegar and soak the components to be washed. After 15 minutes, wipe with a soft cloth to dry.

Clean encrusted hobs

SixcookersI'mencrusted, you need an extraordinary cleaning! Take a toothbrush and rub it all over the dirty surfaces.

When cleaning glass ceramic hobs and hobs, avoid nets, rock wool or other metal objects.

If the burner holes have food residues, help yourself with a toothpick.

Clean burnt stove

The most stubborn encrustations are difficult to remove even with just a toothbrush. In case of burnt stove and encrustations that do not go away in any way, you can follow the guide dedicated to cleaning encrusted pots. This guide is valid only for metal components without coating. For all the info: how to clean burnt steel pots.

How to clean the ceramic hob

The glass ceramic top is very elegant. It comes with a black glass surface. In recent times, colored glass ceramic hobs have been spreading. These indications are universal and useful both in the case of a black or colored glass ceramic hob, and in the case of a black, white or colored induction hob!

To clean, use a damp cloth and a specific detergent for glass ceramic. These objects are normally found in supermarkets, in the cleaning department. Not all supermarkets, however, are able to supply products suitable for the cleaning the glass ceramic hob.

Among the various detergents to clean glass ceramic hobs, we point out the one produced by Electrolux.

This detergent is very effective, it gently removes encrustations and manages to protect the hob. Where to buy it? There are several retailers ... it can also be found on Amazon where it is offered at a price of 9.39 euros with free shipping. This is a great price considering the cleaning power it can offer.

For all information, please visit the page: Electrolux Care, glass ceramic cleaner.

When cleaning the glass ceramic hob, you must avoid:

  • Aggressive cleaners
  • Spray for the oven
  • Degreasers
  • Abrasive sponges
  • Jets of steam
  • Steel wool

These cleaning tools are likely toto scratchthe surface ofglass ceramicor to ruin it.

How to descale the glass ceramic

There is no shortage of special sponges on the market for cleaning the glass ceramic surface.

Vileda's Ceran sponges are made with a microfiber layer and an absorbent layer. They do not have any abrasive parts.

Also this time, to get an idea, we recommend you visit the purchase page on Amazon: Vileda Ceran. On Amazon, these sponges are offered at a price of 8.39 euros with shipping costs included in the price. We have provided you with the link just to show you the product ... in the most well-stocked shops, the two-piece pack is about 2.50 euros. Well ... buy them online only if you can't find them in the shop near your home!

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