Oleander cutting

Oleander cutting

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Oleander cutting: instructions onmultiplication of oleander by cutting. Period and tips to ensure the success of this semi-woody cutting.

L'oleanderit is appreciated for its resistance and minimum maintenance requirements. It gives generous blooms that persist throughout the summer. Even in August, when the sun burns and temperatures reach peaks of 40 ° C, the oleander resists undisturbed and continues to thrive. Theremultiplication by cuttingsit is suitable for any variety of oleander.

Poisonous oleander

At the time ofmultiplication by cuttings ofoleander, pay attention because this plant is considered poisonous. Parts of the plant tissues ofoleandercontain a poisonous glycoside, known asoleandrina. Wood is also toxic and for this reason, it should not be used as wood for grilling and barbecues.

Oleander cutting, best time

Therepropagation of oleander by cuttingit is very simple to implement. Theperiodbest formultiplyL'oleanderby cuttings it falls in spring.

How to make the oleander cutting

Here are the instructions, step by step, formake oleander cuttings.

Step 1 - Take the oleander cuttings

With sharp and disinfected shears, remove some young branches about 10 - 15 cm long. Young branches are easier to root, so be sure to cut branches that have never bloomed.

In withdrawing yourscuttings, make an oblique cut so as to maximize the rooting surface.

Step 2 - Prepare the oleander cuttings for rooting

Remove all basal leaves. Transfer theoleander cuttingsin a vase full of water (not calcareous). The first rootlets will form within a few days.

To maximize the chances of rooting and reduce rooting times, you can use a "rooting hormone". Like?

Before transferring the cuttings to the jar, wet the base and engage it with a powdered root. Among the various rooting products we point out the rooting powder "Verde vivo", proposed on Amazon with free shipping at the price of € 12.60. On the web and on Amazon there are many rooting agents available, you are spoiled for choice ... The only concern: make sure you buy a cutting powder suitable for soft wood and semi-woody plants.

Step 3 - The substrate to strengthen the roots

Therecutting in water of the oleanderit is only the first step. When the cuttings have emitted roots that are 2.5 - 3 cm long, transfer the cuttings to a container with soft soil. Use a mixture of universal soil, sand and peat (in equal parts).

Bury the base of the oleander cuttings and sprinkle with water to keep it always moist. Wait 22 - 25 days (12 - 15 days if you have used the rooting hormone) and ... if everything went smoothly, youroleander cuttingswill have taken root.

To understand if theoleander cuttinghas been successful, just look at the twigs: if you notice new green shoots, themultiplication by cuttingswas successful!

Phase 4 - Planting of the new oleander plants

After taking root, you can plant the new oleander plants ... but we do not recommend doing it in the ground. Thecuttings, in the first phase of development, they are less resistant than the mother plant.

As a precaution, the oleander cuttings should spend the following summer and winter in a sheltered place. In places that are too sunny or in places subject to frost, the cuttings may not withstand.

In spring, you can transplantoleandersobtained in 18 cm diameter pots. From autumn onwards you canplanting oleanderin the open ground, in the final home.

How to grow oleander

The oleander needs a few care. To ensure vigorous growth for yoursoleandersobtained with themultiplication by cuttings, we invite you to read our guides dedicated topruningand atcareto dedicate tocultivation of oleander.

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