Guinea pig, character and nutrition

Guinea pig, character and nutrition

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Guinea pig: nutrition, character and all the information to raise it. Daily care, setting up the cage and recommended games.

Theguinea pigit is a social animal that suffers from loneliness. He is able to express joy by hopping and bucking ... He calls attention with squeaks and whistles and loves a quiet environment. It is a shy and fearful animal, which is why it needs a den and should be raised in groups of 5 - 10 elements.

Due to his shyness, you need to be patient: it may take months before the little oneguinea pigcan accept you and trust. To gain the trust of the little dog, you can win him by giving him, with your hands, appetizing morsels such as aromatic herbs.

For those who love small animals, iGuinea pigsthey are an excellent alternative to hamsters.

Guinea pig, character

If it seeks your attention with a loud whistle, the guinea pig is asking for food!

It is an animal of habit and for this reason it does not like frequent or sudden changes in feeding.

Theguinea pighe wants company and ample space. He wants company so he should not be raised alone: ​​if you can, create a large enclosure where you can raise a small group ofGuinea pigs or at least you should host a couple. Not necessarily male and female, even guinea pigs of the same sex are fine. If you choose an opposite-sex couple, the male will need to be spayed.

The guinea pig is still a rodent, if you decide to keep it free around the house, cover electrical cables, wires and repair fine furniture ... with the right power it should not damage the furniture but better be cautious.

Guinea pig, the cage

Therecageit must represent a place of shelter but not its permanent home! Theguinea pighe doesn't have to spend 24 hours in hiscage: keep it free always or at least for a few hours during the day. Theguinea pigit should be able to move freely. You can cut out some enclosed space for him to put his accessories, food and his own cage.

The cage should only serve as a refuge where theguinea pighe can hide himself if he feels the need. The cage must have dimensions of at least 90 x 70 cm with edges at least 10 cm high. The cage must be placed in an area free of humidity and drafts. For periodic cleaning of the cage, use a solution of water and vinegar.

Guinea pig, feeding

When theguinea pighe does not sleep, he spends his time eating or hunting for food! It is clear that nutrition is essential for this small animal.

The guinea pig loves vegetables, fresh grass, fruit and hay at will. The daily ration to be administered is about 100 - 150 grams of vegetable matter (in fact, fruit, vegetables, herbs and above all hay) to be divided into two meals.

Hay should be available in unlimited quantities because it is important both for keeping the digestive system healthy and for cleaning the teeth.

Choose fresh hay avoiding dusty hay too rich in alfalfa, the excess of calcium is not good for the small animal.

The diet may change slightly over the seasons. In summer, for example, you can give them some grass collected in uncultivated (unpolluted) fields.

Beware of pellets! With a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, your guinea pig will be able to receive the right amount of vitamin C. The pellet (those feeds composed of small cylinders) must represent an occasional meal. A good pellet or feed must be made up of at least 20% fiber, must contain dried fruit and be FREE from various seeds.

My guinea pig eats its poop .... it's normal?

Yes. It is normal for the guinea pig to eat its feces. In fact, guinea pigs are "goat" animals that ingest parts of their faeces called caecotrophs. These components contain vitamins, minerals and bacteria essential for the proper functioning of the animal's body. If you notice that the guinea pig ingests feces, know that this is a completely normal behavior for many guinea pigs.

How long does a guinea pig live?

Unfortunately they are not very long-lived animals, they have an average life span of 5 - 8 years.

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