Dog dermatitis: causes and remedies

Dog dermatitis: causes and remedies

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Dog dermatitis, almost never serious but always very annoying, firstly for the animal that suffers from it and secondly for its owner who must provide suitable and effective care. This disease occurs in the form of an irritation, creates itchy skin and coincides with the appearance of extensive redness, dandruff, eczema and even scabs.

Atopic dog dermatitis

It defines itself atopic, dog dermatitis, if it is linked to the presence of an allergy. Let it be one environmental, seasonal or food allergy, always atopic dermatitis remains. It seems a contradiction, but dog dermatitis is defined as "allergic", which is instead caused by flea bites, fungi, hormonal disorders or behavioral problems.

Both types of this disease they mainly affect areas of the body such as the armpits and abdomen, however, the paws and ears are not free from dermatitis, we realize this because the dog begins to lick itself more often than usual, always in certain parts and sometimes it also gives off a very strong smell and not particularly pleasant.

Dog dermatitis: causes

As we have said distinguishing the atopic dog dermatitis from the allergic one, the causes can range from allergy to flea bites, from skin fungus to hormonal or stress problems. In any case there is noticeable redness and severe itching, the dog licks himself annoyed doing nothing but more irritating the area already affected by dermatitis.

Over time, if left untreated, dermatitis it causes even acute pain, it can be associated with the formation of pustules, sores, skin ulcers with ingrown hairs. Lick after lick, a perched area can also start bleeding. That's why as soon as you notice that our dog has some inflamed areas of epidermis, you must take him to the vet for a checkup. Dog dermatitis it does not pass by itselfindeed, it only gets worse hour by hour.

Dog dermatitis: remedies

Arrived at the vet, you can finally understand where inflammation arises in order to find a suitable remedy. It could be a change of diet or a change of lifestyle if it is a stress dermatitis, otherwise if it is caused by fleas or fungi, the treatments are other, pharmaceutical.

In the meantime it must also keep watch so that the dog does not make the situation worse continuing to lick and nibble in a vain attempt to relieve the pain or stop the itching.

When we show up to get a diagnosis, to help the vet, we try to provide useful information: in what particular moments of the day itching occurs, or at what times of the year, and if it is related to the presence of particular materials such as carpets, sofas, clothes, collars, plants. Also the power supply must be monitored When treating dog dermatitis, antibiotics, antifungal medications, medical shampoos for skin washes, anti-inflammatories and antihistamines may also be needed.

Contagious dog dermatitis

Dog dermatitis can be contagious, it depends on the type. In general, however, it is better to take precautions to prevent our four-legged friend from coming into contact with this disease that takes over in a few days. So we recommend that you avoid taking it to areas where herbicides are present, chemicals and freshly cut grass, always remembering to wash their fur with delicate but specific products, only once every 3 months depending on the coat, and brush it after each outing.

Dog dermatitis and nutrition

Dermatitis weakens the animal and, since it is an inflammation, it is better than that the body is able to defend itself and fight the disease. An effective lotion for your skin can be an aid towards healing a 30 euros online with a rbiological recipe that works not only with dermatitis but also against inflammatory reactions of the skin such as redness, blisters, crusting, exudates, desquamation.

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