Garden dogs: breeds

Garden dogs: breeds

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Garden dogs, not statuettes, real dogs, to be looked after, loved and trained. There are breeds more suitable for living in the garden, there are tricks with which to prepare the garden to welcome it without endangering them. Every dog ​​owner must know the rules regarding hosting in your own green space a pet guaranteeing its safety and the safety of all.

Dogs suitable for being in the garden

Much depends on the single dog character who can be lazy or lively, disobedient or very composed and orderly. Then there are animals that have their size need for large gardens in which to "stretch" your legs and that in the apartment they would feel suffocated.

THE Garden dogs are usually companion and / or guard dogs, sometimes even hunting ones can be suitable for being in the garden, it depends on their robustness. In any case, when there are garden dogs, they are also needed kennels for outdoor dogs.

Garden or house dogs

THE garden dogs they must indeed defend their territory, which is ours, but do not overdo it with aggression. I say this because they cannot turn our cozy green rectangle, with flowers and chairs, tables and bushes, into one no entry zone where, in order to enter, it is necessary to please a guardian dog.

So be careful when i garden dogs are guardians, who are trainable and do not follow their personal criteria of sympathy in barking and growling. Welcome and train from an early age a dog can help us get better results, but sometimes it is instinct and it is therefore important to choose a breed that is already inclined to behave well in the garden.

Small garden dogs

There are small garden dogs who appreciate the outdoors. Among these there are not small dogs almost like a purse that would be almost frightened in front of too large a space. The Fox Terrier and the Manchester Terrier, on the other hand, despite being of modest size, they are lovers of freedom and feel good in the garden, avoiding too much trouble at home.

Large garden dogs

Those looking for garden dogs usually imagine them to be large or at least medium, and they are right to do so as most are L or XL in size. Starting from St. Bernard dog, from the Newfoundland dog and from Bernese Mountain Dog, passing to Boxer, to the Bullmastiff, to the German Shepherd and al Collie.

Staying on the size of a big dog, there are also theGreat Dane giant and theAkita Inu who are waiting for nothing but a villa with a garden to have fun, and a kennel all to themselves, like this one. In wood, 78cm x 88cm x 79cm, with removable floor and sunroof, also available online for less than 200 euros.

Dogs in the garden: regulation

As mentioned, when dogs are kept in the garden they must respect some rules affecting various areas. First of all it must be clear that as owners we are responsible for the custody and welfare of the animal, therefore we must to provide for his accommodation, care and health.

In the garden it must not pose a danger to even occasional visitors and if the fence borders public areas, it must be in perfect condition, made so that the dog cannot climb over or overcome the division. When there are dogs in the garden, it is it is mandatory to display the "Beware of the dog" sign on gates or access doors and fences, at the same time we must be careful that the dog has the space to move and play freely, without a leash and muzzle.

It's not the same thing to talk about dogs in the garden and dogs kept on terraces or balconies without the possibility of accessing the house, this in fact means segregated and is not permitted by law.

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