Tofu with nigari, all the info

Tofu with nigari, all the info

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Tofu with nigari: what is nigari. Tofu recipe without nigari or alternatives to the coagulating agent of soy milk. All useful information on the composition of the nigari and where to find it.

How tofu is made

To understand well what is nigari, you need to start from the basics and explainhow to prepare tofu. Therepreparation of tofuinvolves three essential phases:

  • Preparation of soy milk.
  • Coagulation of soy milk to obtain curd.
  • Pressing and pouring of the curd to obtain tofu.

Formake tofu at home we begin the process of preparing the soy milk with the grinding of the yellow soy, we continue with the filtration of the resulting liquid, with its boiling, with the coagulation and the "pressing" or filtration with a muslin cloth.

To obtain a very dense tofu, during the coagulation phase, special ingredients are added such asnigari. ThenigariHowever, it is not necessary to obtain soft tofu, which is why it is possible to prepare the at hometofu without nigari.

Tofu recipe without nigari

The "curd" of soy milk occurs spontaneously thanks to the coagulation of proteins suspended in boiled soy milk. That's why it is possible to prepare thetofu without nigariexploiting the properties of theSuspensionthat is formed during the boiling of soy milk. For the recipe complete, we refer you to the pageHomemade Tofu.

Nigari, what is it

Thenigariis known ascoagulating agent. In reality it is a simple mixture of salts that interact with the soy proteins, thickening!

Thenigariit is also known asLushui. It is a mixture of magnesium chloride and calcium chloride. These two salts are water soluble and aggregate with soy proteins to create a blendcoagulatedable to give tofu a more decisive texture.

In Japan, thenigari, is therefore oneWhite powderconsisting mainly of marine magnesium chloride. Depending on the production of thenigari, this salt mixture may contain small traces of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), potassium chloride, calcium chloride and traces of other natural salts.

Tofu with nigari

Protein coagulation can behelpedfrom the salts. The salt, dissolved in water, interacts with the proteins of the soy milk creating aprecipitatevery dense which takes the name of curd.

Even if the termnigaricomes from the Japanese word "nigai" which means "bitter", theNigariit does not impart any flavor to thetofu therefore it does not alter the flavor of the tofu but determines its consistency.

Thenigari, even if it is not decisive in the flavor of tofu, it alters its nutritional composition by providing precious micronutrients such asMagnesium and Calcium.

How to replace the nigari

As an alternative toNigarisome companies that make tofu use enzymes such as papain or protease. Papain is used asgelling agentin the production of instant tofu.

To prepare thehomemade tofuyou can use the soft tofu recipe, without nigari, or use this mixture of salts to obtain a more consistent tofu.

Nigari, where to find it

The nigari is not at all difficult to find. Where to buy it? In stores specializing in the sale of cooking ingredients or on Amazon, taking advantage of online sales.

On Amazon, a package of natural Nigari (sea salts, with the exception of sodium chloride, i.e. table salt) produced in Japan is offered at a price of 7.31 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

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