Longevity: exercises for a long life

Longevity: exercises for a long life

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Longevity, to age gently, starting from when there is still no concern about age, not even having it when all the others who have not thought about it before become obsessed with it. The Longevity exercises they are simple and everyone can do them, it is not necessary to be an athlete and not even have hours and hours of time to dedicate. They are both effective and at the same time affect health of an individual.

Longevity: what it is

It is a series of "profound" exercises that lengthen life, they were designed by the Chinese Howard Y. Lee, expert in traditional Chinese medicine and at the same time also in different martial arts. This doctor and healer has cultivated his passions and his theories in the United States where he becomes Kung Fu master and founds the Pain Clinic of the University of California, Los Angeles, after having studied the acupuncture techniques.

Longevity: exercises

Without wishing to diminish or trivialize Longevity, we can define it as a kind of Tai Chi Chuan without long forms, with deep but light exercises, which require a high level of concentration but not unsustainable physical effort. Rather. They are born from one student of medicine and martial arts which has created a physical activity capable of making the most of health with the minimum of Physical "expense".

Energy is the basis of every transformation and should not be wasted, it must be sought in each of us is valued. Sometimes we have it and we are not aware of it, or we have caged it somewhere in our body, or soul, adopting habitual and harmful patterns. There Longevity it helps us to become aware of it and remedy it.

To practice the Longevity you don't need tools or even particularly large spaces, you need patience and care. It is in fact important to devote oneself to the execution of movements by making them slowly and precisely, without ever skipping them. They don't work if we forget them every other day, because the body needs to assimilate and educate itself. Only if done with constancy and dedication, the exercises are capable of recharge the energy circuits and dissolve any muscular tension. Goodbye anxiety and no more stress.

Longevity: tips

For those attracted to this practice born on horseback between China and the United States, can search for the closest "The Light of Life Institute" group - It is a network of "energy induction practice groups" inspired by the teachings of founder of Longevity.

In Italy there are in Rome and Florence but as I write others may have been born. Already on the official website of the organization "The Light of Life Institute" you can inform yourself by reading interviews e writings by Howard Y. Lee in which the Longevity exercises and more generally from what they arise and what they aim for.

Longevity: books

From theory to practice, with "Chinese exercises for the health of older people”, A book by Léo Landsman to begin practicing the Longevity and test your determination in wanting to age well.

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