Poems about cats

Poems about cats

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Poems about cats, there are many, dark or cheerful, with lyrical or joking tones. Every poet, or almost every poet, has succumbed to the feeling of dedicating some verse of his to an animal that knows how to be mysterious and unreachable, whenever he wants. But also extremely painful when it comes to it! Let's see which ones Poems about cats they better approach our idea of ​​a cat.

Poems about cats in rhyme

Not all Poems about cats are in rhyme, often to tell the vivacity it is necessary to disobey the rules. Rodari, the great Gianni Rodari, most of the time he decides to respect them and gives us verses that tell us how these felines behave in autumn.
The cat chases the leaves
dry on the sidewalk.
The contends (he believes them alive)
to the broom that collects them.
Those that from high branches
come down red and yellow
I'm sure butterflies
who challenge his jumps.
The slow death of the year
it is only a good game for him,
and for the men who make it
at sunset a happy fire.

Poems about funny cats

Among the authors who know how to write Poems that bring joy, at the top of the list there is Stefano Benni. On his site, in the unpublished section, we find verses that mimic the cat and those who love their nature and those who love love in general. I'll just bring you the beginning, leaving you with the pleasure of discovering the continuation and other rhymes written by Benni's hand.
Taken from the collection "Sooner or later love comes", as well as one poem about cats there is also one about dogs. Here's the feline one:
The cars
the cars
they are too fast
for cats
they want to cross
to search
a love
a love
that is across the street
(you know, you have to take risks)
And the cats
they are too independent
for women
that they want to caress
to mimic
a love
a love
when there is none around
(not even to pay)

Poems about cats in English

It is not necessary to introduce a poet like John Keats, I just say that it gives us Poems about cats like the one entitled "To Donna Reynolds' cat". Intense and definitely spot on.
Cat, that you have passed your mature age,
how many little mice and rats did you exterminate in your good days?
And how many, with a fixed gaze of bright green rings
pungent and soft, and nails that sprout from velvet,
hidden claws that beg me not to hurt,
have you stolen, bird morsels?
Now, reinforce the graceful meow, and narrate
your fights with fish, mice and tender chicks, of which,
from your purr, from looking down and licking your paws,
today I see no trace; and for what it serves
with a fist and bat he hits you a lot, the fur is shiny
as when, in youth, you entered the competition,
over a wall of bottle glasses.

Poem about cats and aphorisms

The wild and enterprising nature of these animals drives the creators of aphorisms and maxims of life to dedicate to them many phrases that are perfect to quote on many occasions. More than the Poems about cats, in fact, what is so popular are aphorisms. Here are some of my favorites.
If a fish is the personification, the very essence of the movement of water, then the cat is the diagram and model of the lightness of air. (Doris Lessing)
I believe cats are spirits who came to earth. A cat, I am convinced, can walk on a cloud. (Jules Verne)
The cat licks moonbeams in the bowl of water, thinking they are milk. (Hindu proverb)
Like those huge sphinxes stretched out for eternity in noble pose in the sandy desert, they scrutinize nothing without curiosity, calm and wise. (Charles Baudelaire)

To continue to praise the cutest feline that exists, there are the "Poems for a cat" of Vivian Lamarque, delicate and irreverent.

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