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How to make a flowered window sill to be enlivened at any time of the year, fromwinter in the summer. The plants to choose and the care to devote.

Formake a flowered window sillbulbous plants can be very useful at any time of the year (including winter!). In fact, in garden centers we find spring flowering bulbous plants, autumn flowering bulbs, summer flowering bulbs and ... early bulbous plants that bloom in late winter and other late ones that bloom at the beginning of winter.

Flowered windowsill in winter and autumn

For those who wantplants that bloom from October to December late (some late varieties go as far as January), flower bulbs may be the ideal choice. Just choose the late varieties of the bulbs indicated in the articleFlowers in autumn.

For a flowered balcony in winter, you can also choose:

  • Violets (how to grow violets)
  • Cyclamen
  • Calendula
  • Heather
  • Rhododendron
  • Snowdrop
  • Cyclamen

Windowsill and balcony in bloom all year round

As stated, to create aflowered windowsillbulbous plants should not be underestimated all year round. Bulb flowers can be divided into categories according to the flowering period. We thus have:

  • summer flowering bulbous plants
    Technically, these are "spring bulbs" because they are planted in spring but bloom in summer.
  • Bulbous with autumn flowering
    Technically, these are "summer bulbs" because they are planted in late summer and bloom in autumn.
  • Winter flowering bulbous
    They are planted at the beginning of autumn and for this reason they are called "autumn bulbs".
  • Spring-flowering bulbous
    They are planted in winter and are therefore often referred to as winter bulbs.

Flowered sill from winter to summer

Let's assume we want to set up aflowered balconyor oneflowery windowbetween January and February. You will notice that the plants proposed are different from the nurseries. Plants planted around February are able to flower until April and May.

How to grow a flowered windowsill

To create a medium-sized flowered window sill, we would like to point out either the possibility of taking a single planter 50 cm long and 18 wide (20 cm deep to also accommodate bulbs), or to take individual pots to be placed side by side in a more or less harmonious way.

Here are some recommended plants with their average market costs:

  • Hellebore
    A plant placed in a pot with a diameter of 14 cm costs about 12 euros.
  • Euchera
    A plant placed in a pot with a diameter of 14 cm costs about 9 euros.
  • Cyclamen
    The price varies a lot, let's say 3 - 5 euros per plant.
  • Hyacinth
    A jar with a flower bulb costs 1.50 euros.
  • Pansy
    A jar can be bought for 1 euro.
  • Heather
    A 10 cm vase can be bought for around 4 euros.
  • Calocephalus
    A 10 cm diameter pot can be bought for 4 euros

It is true that, taken individually, potted plants are easier to manage but do not underestimate the possibility of creating aflower arrangement on your windowsill.

How to arrange a planter on the windowsill - the perfect plant composition

A colorful planter is not to be excluded. In the case of a single planter, it is better to place the main plant in the central area (both for coast / value and for height).

At the center of the planter on the windowsill, therefore, place the hellebore.

On the sides of the hellebore you can plant dwarf cyclamen. On the left of yoursplanter on the windowsillyou could plant euchera which will stand out for its intense flowers and dark leaves.

In front of the hellebore (which is quite tall) you can plant the hyacinth, preferably white in color. In front of the euchera (which is higher and more conspicuous), plant the heather up to the far corner.

In the corner opposite the heather, place the gray-colored calocephalus. Finally, plant the pansy which will be eliminated at the end of April.

When planting the plants in the planter, you will need to compress the earthen bread of each individual plant in order to better organize the space.

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