Food for parrots, advice on choosing

Food for parrots, advice on choosing

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Food for parrots: the best feed for macaw, amazon, gray, lori, vasa parrots ... the mixtures to make the parrot live longer. All advice onparrot feeding. While not flying, even iKakapothey eat the same parrot treats.

It is necessary to pay attention to the choice ofright food for parrotsso our pet bird can live longer, stay healthy and resist disease.

Just like it happens with our body: nutritional deficiencies can lead to disease. The same goes for oursparrots. This is why we will see which are the most suitable feeds.

If you care about the longevity of your talking parrots, their diet must not lack: flowers, buds, berries, fatty seeds, dried fruit, legumes, cereals, germinated seeds and, in case ofcarnivorous parrots… Meat!

Extrusions for parrots

The extrusions are granules obtained from balanced mixtures obtained from flours of several seeds. We talk aboutextruded, pelleted or mash feeds for parrots. Unfortunately, not all parrots like them so we can provide ourselves to create the mix of seeds in the right proportions. In addition, with theextrudedyou lose an extra gear: in feeding parrots you have to vary and not always focus on the same foods.

Food for scuba and cockatoo parrots

THEMacaw and Cockatoo parrotslarge breeders need a higher fat diet. Balanced mixes forparrotslarge size see:

  • 30% of mixed legumes
  • 25% mixed cereals
  • 25% raw vegetables
  • 20% fruit

For the blends, you can buy the different foods yourself and make the one that best suits yoursparrot. It is not difficult to find ready-made feeds but, since it is important to vary, DIY is much better. You can go to any pet shop to get what you want or take advantage of online shopping.

On Amazon, for example, there is no lack of fruit for parrots in a classic or light version, low in fat for parrots such asamazonscockatoos and pionus who tend to put on too much weight.

Food for collared macaw parrots and fig parrots

They love wild figs, occasionally you can give dried figs soaked in water. Administered daily supplements or pellets enriched with vitamin K and zinc for these parrots are sensitive to diseases related to the risk of bleeding.

Food for Amazon parrots, medium-sized cockatoos and pious

Low-fat feed must be administered, the maximum lipid intake is 4% with a protein composition of 18%. Vitamin A must not be lacking as they are predisposed to diseases such as lipomas and obesity.

Food for gray parrots and poicephalus

They must not lack calcium in their diet because they are prone to joint disease and nutritional deficiencies.

For medium and small size parrots, you can prepare mixtures given by:

  • 30% canary seed
  • 50% millet
  • 15% panic

Food for Lori and Ecletti parrots

THE lory parrots and ecletsare very delicate, just like the Maine and the Widows of Paradise, these parrots are also susceptible to a disease called hemosiderosis, that is, an excessive accumulation of iron in the blood.

The diet of these parrots must be more careful because you must avoid foods with iron and vitamin C (which increases their absorption).

Administer preparations based on pollen and nectar, with a percentage of protein at 16% and low in fat (no more than 6%).

Extruded feed for Lori parrots

An extra attention should be paid to the Lories who do not have to eat seeds but need liquid, powder or extruded granules. It must not lack fructose and arabinose.

How to make parrots eat fruit?

Hide their favorite seeds in pieces of fruit such as bananas or apples, in this way, the parrot, to reach the seed, must necessarily taste the fruit as well.

Carnivorous parrots or vasa

Vasa parrots arecarnivorous parrotstherefore the meat must not be missing at least 2-3 times a week.

Forbidden food for parrots

There are godsfoods which should NOT be given to parrots and for this reason we speak ofprohibited or prohibited foods. To be categorically avoided:

  • seasoned, therefore fatty, fried or caramelized foods
  • chocolate and coffee
  • any food containing caffeine
  • foods that contain salt
  • excessively sugary foods
  • alcoholic
  • milk
  • persimmon
  • avocado
  • cherry seeds
  • apple seeds
  • peach seeds
  • plum seeds
  • apricot seeds

Few apple seeds do not harm the parrot but in case of prolonged administration it could be the cause of a poisoning by cyanogenetic products (compounds based on cyanide).

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