Diet for insomnia: benefits

Diet for insomnia: benefits

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Diet for insomnia, to ensure a peaceful sleep or at least to remove one of the reasons why you are unable to rest properly. It may sound absurd, but it's not at all, and there Diet for insomnia is not just about not eating mixed fried food or carbonara pasta at 3 am. There are many useful information that few still know, simple to follow and that can solve a problem.

One "orderly" lifestyle it is the enemy of sleep disorders, both the difficulty in falling asleep, both the insufficient duration of night sleep, the repeated nocturnal awakenings and the poor quality of rest. There Diet for insomnia it is a question of quality of life.

Diet for insomnia: benefits

The first approach to sleep disorders is often only aimed at removing the symptoms and is acted through drugs. Maybe they make us sleep long but they can't fix the overall picture in which maybe insomnia is just a signal. It is therefore better, even in parallel with drugs, to start one Diet for insomnia and complement other healthy habits such as autogenic training, regular physical activity and positive thinking, the 5 Tibetansor a Pilates class.

Diet for insomnia: tips

There are natural remedies that can supplement the meals we already have, these are herbal teas with medicinal herbs such as Lemon balm, Escolzia, Hawthorn, Chamomile, Melatonin, Linden and Hops. However, the diet for insomnia is another thing, it shows us foods to put on and take off the plate, recipes to prepare and times to eat.

The first indication concerns the energy distribution of meals: dinner must be lighter than the meal and 15% of the energy is ingested at breakfast, 5% in mid-morning, 40% at lunch, 5% in mid-afternoon and 35% at dinner. If we eat too much in the evening, an excessive strain on the digestive system follows, we increase the basal metabolism and we can also feel increased heartbeats, high systolic blood pressure, ventilation and thermogenesis.

Three hours before falling asleep, if we're hungry, let's try to choose digestible foods, it is not necessary to give up the snack because even hypoglycemia does not make us sleep. Foods that aid in the production of melatonin and serotonin are welcome in Diet for insomnia, then green light to foods of animal origin, carbohydrates, vitamins B1 and B6, calcium and magnesium. Better instead avoid caffeine and theine, alcohol, amphetamines and simple carbohydrates in excess.

Diet for insomnia: children

For children there Diet for insomnia provides in the evening foods that combine or at least do not disturb sleep such as those rich in complex carbohydrates. Pasta, rice or other cereals seasoned with light sauces are fine, proteins must not be missing, better if from white meats and fish.

We avoid theine, cola or caffeine e we limit the consumption of broccoli, turnip greens, chocolate and aged cheeses that contain tyramine. In diet for insomniaideal is a glass of warm milk before bed and the absence of too salty foods.

Diet for insomnia: the elderly

Everyone should follow the diet for insomnia for the elderly, it is not difficult and it is not even that full of "sacrifices". It is rich in retained foods sources of magnesium (fish, spinach and leafy vegetables, brown rice) or sources of Tryptophan (cottage cheese, sesame seeds, brown rice, oats). It does not provide packaged foods and with a high glycemic index, not even those with tyramine including smoked products, wine, gorgonzola, roquefort, brie, aubergines, sauerkraut, sausages and sausages. Alcohol, chocolate and coffee are to be limited without depriving yourself of the pleasures of life.

Diet for insomnia: recipes

You may have noticed brown rice among the recommended foods how to cook it with vegetables . In the book “The foods of good humor. Foods and recipes to combat fatigue, anxiety, listlessness, sleep disorders ”we find many easy and recommended recipes.

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