Cream of tartar, what it is and use

Cream of tartar, what it is and use

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Cream of tartar, what it is, doses and advice for use. How to replace cream of tartar in desserts and pizzas, where to buy and all the useful information.

Cream of tartar, what is it

TheCream of tartarit's apotassium saltand is used, in conjunction with the sodium bicarbonate, likeleavening agentfor sweet and savory doughs. Its chemical name ispotassium hydrogenotartrate or potassium bitartratewith crude formula C.4H.5KO6 .

In the kitchen, it appears as a white powder, perfect for replacing brewer's yeast in bread and pizza dough or to replace ammonium salt in desserts.

What is cream of tartar

It is a powder mixture of an acidic substance (cream of tartar) and another substance capable of releasing carbon dioxide by acidification (sodium bicarbonate).

The two substances, mixed with the sweet or salty dough to be cooked in the oven, react during handling and develop carbon dioxide bubbles, leavening the dough and making the product light and soft.

Cream of tartar, uses

In the food sector, thecream of tartarit is used as an acidity regulator and as a leavening agent. In particular, in wine production it is used as an acidity regulator.

There are also godsalternative uses of cream of tartar. At home, this substance can help us in several circumstances:

  • It can be used to brighten white laundry, just add a level teaspoon for every liter of water.
  • Can be used to remove tough stains from clothes, tablecloths and napkins. In this context, you should make a batter with a teaspoon of Cream of tartar and a few drops of dish soap.
  • To clean copper objects, the cream of tartaris an excellent ally.
  • To remove stubborn stains from the kitchen worktop.
  • As a non-abrasive cleaner for bathroom fixtures.
  • For cleaning stainless steel.
  • To descale a burnt pot (even if coca cola is more convenient to remove the encrustations of a pot! For all the info:burnt pot, how to do).

Cream of tartar for pizzas, bread and desserts

For bread, pizza and doses ... cream of tartar is used exactly like classic yeast.

To calculate the doses there is no need to set up a difficult mathematical equation, just replace the amount of yeast required by a recipe, with half cream of tartar and half sodium bicarbonate. If you use a yeast mixture based on cream of tartar, just replace the baking powder sachet with the cream of tartar.

Cream of tartar, where to buy it

Cream of tartar based yeast, unlike the classic brewer's yeast or chemical yeast for cakes, is more difficult to find on the market… difficult, but not impossible! Among the various products marketed based on Cream of tartar we report the baking powder Bar.

On Amazon, a pack of 4 sachets of baking powder based on cream of tartar is offered at a price of 1.68 euros.

Alternatives to cream of tartar

Are you looking for a substitute to avoid the use of cream of tartar? You can use brewer's yeast, chemical yeast, sourdough or natural yeast or ammonium salt.

L'ammoniaand theyeastmost used in pastry, in fact it can be considered a "professional ingredient", It is no coincidence that requires a lot of attention during use. With even a minimal overdose, you will get an inedible dessert.

Where to buy ammonia for sweets? In stores specializing in the sale of pastry products or by taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon there are several proposals available, among the useful links at the end of the paragraph you will find one.

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