Cough in children, natural remedies

Cough in children, natural remedies

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Cough in children, natural remedies. Many remedies and tips to manage cough in children and babies.

THE natural remedies are very useful in case of cough with mucus but they are not always enough. Of course, coughing is a very common symptom and generally there is no need to be alarmed, however there are cases where you need to see a doctor. In the case of nocturnal cough, the symptom may involve an affection of the bronchi so it is necessary to see a doctor. Similarly, in the case of a severe cough it will be necessary to have the child visit a pediatrician.

For all information on when to see the doctor, we refer you to the articlecough in children, when to worry, on this page we will focus on natural remedies against cough as a symptom of cooling.

Cough in children, natural remedies

Cough is a defense mechanism put in place by our body to clear the airways. There are severalnatural curesto be exploited forrelieve cough in children. Black currant and snail syrup are the most used natural remedies, even in homeopathy.

If you want to give children thoseremediesused in homeopathy, know that you cannot let yourself be guided by DIY! Consult an allopathic doctor with a homeopathic vocation or rely on a good homeopath. In this article we will look at gods remedies used in homeopathy but we remind you that granules and others remedies they must be treated like medicines because, although natural, they are rich in active substances.

Dry cough in children, natural remedies

Theredry cough in childrenit should only last a few days. In homeopathy there is no shortage of natural remedies used in case of dry cough. In these cases, among the homeopathic remedies we mention the Pulsatilla 9 CH and Bryonia 9 CH granules.

In school age, dry cough can be a symptom of psychological discomfort, in these cases it would be better to help the child on other fronts.

Oily cough in children, natural remedies

A productive cough, or a fat cough, is not of concern. The production of mucus serves to lubricate the bronchi and help them manage the particles that reach the lungs. If you have a fat cough, avoid giving sedative syrups because they can make the situation worse.

Natural remedies
The best natural thinner to use in case of a fat cough issyrup based on snail slime. For children, the recommended dose is one teaspoon to be given three times a day.

If you are wondering where to buy snail syrup, unfortunately the availability is not so immediate. There are few pharmacies able to supply this product: it is a relatively new syrup on the market and therefore still little known. Try asking in the most well-stocked pharmacies and parapharmacies or take advantage of online shopping.

On Amazon, a syrup based on snail slime to treat cough is offered at a price of 20.50 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

For all the info:Eliflu, snail syrup - bottle

Herbal remedies
In herbal medicine, forcure oily cough in children, recommend the glycerine macerate of Ribes nigrum, 30 drops a day diluted in a glass of water sweetened with chestnut honey.

Homeopathic remedies
The natural cures against oily cough suggested in homeopathy, see granules of Ipeca 9 CH and Antimonium tartaricum 9 CH.

Natural remedies for cough in children

There are several ailments that can affect the little ones, who have immature immune defenses. Here are two pages with natural remedies grandma remedies and homeopathic treatments for the little ones.

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