Free the stuffy nose

Free the stuffy nose

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Stuffed nose, natural remedies for adults and children. Many solutions and practical advice to solve the problem ofnasal congestionis clearing the stuffy nose day and night.

Thestuffy noseit can be very annoying. Thecausesof nasal congestion can be multiple, at the base there is an inflammation of the blood vessels of the paranasal sinuses which, in turn, can be caused by:

  • allergies;
  • cold;
  • influence;
  • infection;
  • other inflammations.
  • deviated nasal pyramid

Regardless of thecause, there are godsremediesalways effective that can be helpful forclearing the stuffy nose.

Stuffed nose, natural remedies

Given that, to help the mucous membranes function correctly, it is necessary to maintain an optimal humidity rate. Excessive use of summer air conditioners or winter radiators can amplify thenasal congestions. The moisture present in the air can soothe irritated tissues and help swollen blood vessels. As a first natural remedy, we recommend:

  • make frequent air changes.
  • If the air is too dry, use a humidifier.


A good humidifier is thediffuser of essences, on the one hand humidifies the air and on the other hand, spreads essential oils into the environment which can be very useful for clearing the stuffy nose. Inaromatherapy, pine essential oil is used for free the nose, especially in combination with the essential oil of thyme and the essential oil of eucalyptus.


The fumigations can be very useful; besides being effective, fumigations are very easy to prepare: all you need is a pot full of boiling water and, if we want to speed things up, some "secret ingredients" like the essential oils themselves! Boil the water, turn off the stove and bring your face closer to the vapors, perhaps covering your head with a towel so as to facilitate the inhalation of the vapors. Inside the water, add a few drops of decongestant essential oils.

Where to buy essential oils?
Essential oils can be easily bought in herbalist shops or by taking advantage of online purchases. On Amazon, a bottle of pure essential oil can be bought at a price of 16.98 euros, the cost is higher than average because it is a "therapeutic grade" oil. For all the info, we refer you to the "Amazon product page".

We always recommend choosing pure oils so it will be possible to use them for DIY dilutions. Thyme essential oil, for example, diluted in almond oil, is an excellent moisturizing ointment for the skin. If you intend to purchase the essential oil of thyme to make fumigations, inhalations or to combat bad breath (it has a cooling effect), it is better to choose a food grade product like the one mentioned above.

Nasal washings

THEnasal washesthey are very useful forfree the nosein adults and children, it is also possible to practice it with inewborns with special vials. For adults it is possible to use a reusable device called “neti lota”. The first few times you will have to be careful not to let the water stagnate in the nasal or auditory canals, or not to let the water end up in the lungs. For information on thisnatural remedy for stuffy nosefor adults, children and babies, we refer you to the page dedicated toNasal wash.

Chilli and black pepper

Spicy foods, especially cayenne pepper and black pepper, can work as excellent decongestants, freeing the respiratory tract in a short time.

Healing yourself with herbs: the silver lime

This natural remedy is very useful in case of stuffy nose with or without mucusand especially stuffy nose with flu, fever and other cold symptoms. The silver lime is a herb widely used in herbal medicine and homeopathy. Among the benefits of lime, to be exploited in case of fever, we point out its sweat action able to improve airway congestion (stuffy nose, throat mucus ...) and lower fever (it is a mild natural antipyretic). Also useful for fighting rheumatic pains and flu pains. For all the information on where to find this plant and how to exploit every benefit, we invite you to visit the page dedicated tosilver lime.

How to get rid of a stuffy nose: the air purifier

If a stuffy nose is a symptom of an allergy, at home, the installation of a forced ventilation system with an air purifier may be useful. Alternatively, you can buy small appliances that filter the air and eliminate all allergens and pollutants.

A stuffy nose as a persistent symptom should always be reported to the doctor for a correct diagnosis of the origin of the problem and to approach it appropriately.

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