Schisandra berries, properties and benefits

Schisandra berries, properties and benefits

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Schisandra berriesto lose weight, information on nutritional properties, where to find them, how much they cost and contraindications for health.

As well as theGoji berries, Even theSchisandra berriesare considered super-nutrients. Theschisandra berriesthey are the fruits of the woody plant Schisandra chinesis, native to Northern China and eastern Russia.

In the countries of origin it is called Wu Wei Zu, a name that literally means theberry of the 5 aromas or the five flavors.The name of origin recalls the flavor ofberries of S. chinensiswhich are, at the same time, bitter and sweet, salty, pungent and acidic.

TheSchisandra berriesthey are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine: it is counted among the 50 fundamental herbs for its active ingredients. In Korea, with Schisandra berries, a tasty tea with an intense aroma is produced calledmyja cha. TheSchisandra berriesthey are also widespread in Japan where they take the name of gomishi, an ancient remedy for colds and seasickness.

Schisandra berries, properties and benefits

As well as acai berries and goji berries, also the schisandra berriesthey bring a high content of antioxidants. Experts consider it a natural tonic for the body and mind thanks to the natural onespropertyinvigorating.

As often happens in the information sector, there is a tendency to enhance the properties and benefits of a food, especially if there is a strong marketing campaign behind it. Undoubtedly, theSchisandra berriesthey are an interesting food from a nutritional point of view and the integration of these berries in the daily diet can only bring benefits to the body, however, we must not consider any food, taken individually, as an elixir or the panacea for all ills .

Animal studies * have shown thatberries of S. chinensisthey increase the ability to withstand physical work, fatigue and protect the nervous system from stress.

In Chinese folk medicine, theSchisandra berriesthey are used to treat a large number of ailments: colds, hepatitis, diabetes, asthma, depression, urinary tract problems, eczema, difficulty sleeping and stress.

The 50 basic herbs of Chinese medicine

There are several species of schisandrabut only S. chinensis can boast a large number of beneficial properties.

Thereschisandra chinensisit is considered one of the 50 basic herbs of traditional Chinese medicine. The "Chinese fundamental herbs" are the most appreciated in herbal medicine all over the world.

If in Chinese medicine theschisandrait is used to strengthen the body and as a natural remedy for various ailments, in the Westschisandrahas become a natural remedy for weight loss.

Schisandra, in fact, is widely used by those who want to lose weight to better cope with the fatigue associated with a low-calorie diet. During a restrictive diet, theschisandra extract they could be useful to improve concentration, cope with hunger and not get caught up in physical and mental fatigue. Also useful in dealing with the stress associated with changes and nervous hunger itself.

Schisandra berries, contraindications

Schisandra berries are contraindicated for pregnant women who should avoid taking them. Other contraindications apply in case of patients suffering from liver diseases. Under normal physiological conditions, theschisandra berriesthey have no particular contraindications and side effects are a very rare phenomenon, among the rare side effects ofSchisandra berriesthere are episodes of heartburn and gastric acidity.

Schisandra berries, where to find them

Finding schisandra berries is simple, just go to a herbalist's shop or one of the many online shops specializing in health products. On the market you can findschisandra berriesdehydrated, powdered or whole. Those who prefer dry extract can find it in tablets or ampoules.

Schisandra can also be taken as an infusion or decoction: a good infusion can be made from both flowers and berries.

For the decoction, infuse a tablespoon of dried berries in a cup and a half of cold water, bring to temperature and boil for 10 minutes. Filter and let it cool. Drink the drink twice a day, mid-morning and again in the afternoon.

Those who prefer the supplement or dry extract can take advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon, a bottle of 120 capsules can be bought at a price of 15.02 euros with free shipping costs.

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the studies cited were published in the July 23, 2008 issue ofJournal of Ethnopharmacology.

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