Psoriasis: natural cures

Psoriasis: natural cures

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Psoriasis, not a simple skin disease, which remains on the surface, but a chronic and non-contagious inflammation, also very linked to our psychological well-being. In Italy more than 3% of the inhabitants suffer from it, usually the symptoms appear after the age of 20, or after the age of 50, it is rare that children are affected by Psoriasis. During the year, there is more to be on alert in winter than in summer, whether we are male or female: it is an inflammation that does not make any gender differences.

Psoriasis: what it is

When you suffer from Psoriasis one is covered, at least in one part of the body, with red patches and plaques, sometimes even with whitish scales. The areas in which these symptoms occur most frequently are that of the knees, the sacral one, or elbows, hands, feet and even the scalp.

L'inflammation of the skin it has rather pleasant and annoying consequences, both from an aesthetic and a “practical point of view. I therefore refer to the peeling, to itching, redness and sometimes even burning.

Causes psoriasis

There is no single cause that leads to the appearance of psoriasis which is in fact defined as a multifactorial pathology in which personal predisposition also plays an important role. Genetics and stress are certainly the two main reasons why Psoriasis occurs but not the only ones.

This inflammation of the skin it can be "hereditary", or rather, the children of a parent affected by this disease may develop it more frequently but it is not a certainty, so let's not feel condemned, if we are in this situation. There are in fact triggers, decisive in the appearance of the Psoriasis, first of all, stress.

In the list we also find trauma, accidental injuries but also tattoos, infections such as pharyngitis and tonsillitis, sunburn. Having a correct lifestyle can certainly help to remove the risk of the appearance of Psoriasis, so no smoking and little alcohol, they also play a role some medications such as antihypertensives, antimalarials, lithium or abrupt withdrawal of corticosteroids.

Psoriasis: types

There are many causes but also many appearances with which this pathology presents itself and the corresponding types that are distinguished by size, shape, localization, evolution and color tone. There are therefore the plaque P., the most frequent, the guttata one, in one case out of 10, the reverse, even in conjunction with the plaques. Rarer but, never say never, types like the erythrodermal and the pustular, both with an incidence of less than 3%.

The easiest to cross is the Plaque psoriasis, also called Vulgar, concerning both the scalp, elbows, knees and lower back. These areas fill with raised red patches overlaid by dry silvery-white scales. It can itch and be accompanied by lesions and peeling, inflammation is almost always chronic and comes and goes but it almost never leaves us.

Psoriasis: hands

In addition to Vulgar psoriasis, on the hands can also appear the Pustular one, a serious and annoying form that makes us fill with yellowish pustules containing pus. If we are unfortunate enough to suffer from it, we will often also have a fever and severe burning, the causes of this type of inflammation they are often to be found in the interruption of systemic treatment with corticosteroids, in addition to hitting the hands, it also affects the soles of the feet.

Psoriasis: natural cures

Since it is not a simple skin problem, the Psoriasis is often associated with other problems with the same inflammatory and / or autoimmune root as for example anxiety / depression, celiac disease, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol. The medical interventions they must be agreed from time to time for each individual case, with a specialist who, visiting us, understands what type it is and what may be the most suitable treatment.

At the drug level, those are often used topicals, decided by the dermatologist, which can also be accompanied by natural remedies that are not substitutes at all. There are gods biological drugs which, for example, have an immunosuppressive effect: they switch off part of the immune system.

They can help against the Psoriasis but they have side effects that need to be considered. The sun is the best natural remedy against Psoriasis, but without risking burns, and the same goes for stress management.

Try to get moments of relaxation, better if exercising regularly, it is an excellent natural remedy to accompany drugs and creams for the special care of Pustular and arthritic psoriasis, available on Amazon at 18 euros, with emulsifying oil, to be applied to relieve daily tensions.

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