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Snail syrup, all the info

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Snail syrup: properties of snail slime, opinions on the use of snail syrup for the treatment of dry cough and oily cough. Contraindications and advice.

The snail slime syrup is one of the most effective natural cough remedies. Thanks to hispropertyexpectorants, losnail syrupthins phlegm and facilitates its expulsion from the respiratory tract.

Snail syrup, dry or oily cough

Therecoughit is a mechanism implemented by our body to free the respiratory tract by eliminating mucus and foreign bodies. Depending on whether or not sputum is present, thecoughcould bedry or oily. A fat cough is also called a productive cough to emphasize the presence of phlegm.

In the absence of inflammation, the phlegm or mucus is semi-fluid, white or transparent and serves to trap bacteria and particles that are inhaled and introduced into the body through the respiratory tract. In case of respiratory tract infections, the phlegm becomes dense and can cause obstructions and make breathing difficult. In more striking cases, the phlegm can even cover the vocal cords, compromising the use of the voice. In these circumstances, we speak of a fat cough, used by our body to eliminate mucus.

In case ofoily coughthe classic sedative syrups are contraindicated because they would limit the expectoration of sputum (phlegm). In case of a fat cough, it is snail syrupit is excellent for fluidizing the mucus and ensuring its expulsion.

Sedative syrups are more suitable for dry coughs. The syrup based on snail slime could be used, with some extra precautions, even in case of dry cough: the active ingredients contained in thesnail slimethey help rebuild the damaged epithelium of the larynx and bronchi.

Snail slime, properties

Thesnail syrupis derived from the speciesCornu aspersum, a widespread species in the Mediterranean basin and in north-western Europe. This species is the most used in the food sector: the food and wine spread of this snail,Cornu aspersumled to its introduction and naturalization in many parts of the world. This species is not only the most cultivated and widespread for food but also in the therapeutic field.

In Asia it is known not only for food uses, but also for property cicatrizants and emollients of the produced slime. In cosmetics, drool is used to reduce small scars or smooth out wrinkles. In the healing sphere, drool is used as syrup for dry and oily cough, and recently they have been studied property to reduce pain from deep burns and improve re-epithelialization of damaged tissue. Due to its stimulating and regenerative properties of the tissues, snail slime is widely used in natural cosmetics, for the formulation of anti-wrinkle creams. For more information, please refer to the page dedicated tosnail slime cream.

Snail syrup, opinions

Therelumanca slimeit is the best fluidified present in nature and that is why inhomeopathyit is used for the formulation of syrup for oily cough. Many advisesnail slimeeven in case of dry cough, however theopinionssome experts in the sector see its use above all as a remedy against oily cough.

The enzymes contained in thesnail slimethey have the ability to alter the viscosity of mucus by modifying the bronchial secretions to make the phlegm more fluid. The phlegm, becoming less dense and more liquid, can be more easily eliminated.

Snail syrup, where to find it

If you are wondering where to buy snail syrup, unfortunately the availability is not so immediate. There are few pharmacies able to supply this product: it is a relatively new syrup on the market and therefore still little known. Try asking in the most well-stocked pharmacies and parapharmacies or take advantage of online shopping.

On Amazon, a syrup based on snail slime to treat cough is offered at a price of 20.50 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

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