Vitamin B: deficiency and benefits

Vitamin B: deficiency and benefits

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Vitamin B, one of the most cited, even with "numerini" in tow. Its importance is therefore indisputable, but it often happens to know that something is good but not in what way. We therefore explain precisely why it is important to ingest the right dose of vitamin B every day and how to do it by feeding ourselves correctly without necessarily using a supplement.

Vitamin B: what it is for

Going to observe the symptoms of vitamin B deficiency it is easy to understand what it is for. When we have not taken enough, we may notice some unpleasant signs: dry skin, acne, hair weakness, but also lack of appetite, insomnia and constipation.

The most common symptoms are the loss of appetite, fatigue, irritability, especially vitamin B6 deficiency can make us feel a sense of numbness in the limbs, visual disturbances and difficulty concentrating. What is most needed, therefore, is this B6, which protects the central nervous system, also there vitamin B12 plays an important role: when it is missing, pernicious anemia can appear which creates digestive problems and neurological syndromes.

Vitamin B: deficiency

It is true that by eating correctly we should be okay with the vitamin B, on a general level, but there are also cases in which the causes of the deficiency of this important substance are physical and not related to our diet. There are various factors that affect theabsorption of vitamin B, including stress and the use of sleeping pills and antibiotics. For the deficiencies of vitamin B9 (folic acid) I refer you to the pageFolic acid, requirement.

A similar anti-vitamin effect they have coffee, sugar and alcohol, not to be eliminated but always to be consumed in moderation. In the kitchen, to avoid vitamin B deficiency, we can also pay attention to the cooking methods as it often boils destroy two thirds of the doses present in fresh food.

Vitamin B: benefits

The vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12 form a real team that fights to help our immune and nervous systems. But they are not only effective at this juncture, they stimulate cell growth and keep skin and muscles healthy, too they convert food into energy and, precisely because of this capacity, they are the basis of the production of hormones related to stress and sexual activity.

As we have already mentioned, the vitamin B12 is one of the most important: it is essential for the production of red blood cells and the maintenance of nerves, in fact when we have not taken enough, we can go into depression, fall prey to states confusional or suffering from dementia.

Vitamin B: foods

Foods of animal origin are an excellent source of B. starting from pork, but also eggs and milk derivatives are equally recommended, some vegetables can also go, although the doses are very different.

Among them, we choose soy, asparagus, nuts, whole grains and wheat germ but it is necessary to specify that if we consume refined products, and not wholemeal, vitamin B is lost in the treatments undergone, so it is better to choose wholemeal foods.

Always being at the table, or among the shelves of a food store, we can find the B. also in other foods: brewer's yeast, tuna, bananas, plums, potatoes, peas (rich in vitamin B2 and vitamin B6). If we want the B9, we aim for chickpeas, spinach, green beans, strawberries, broccoli and lettuce.

There may also be cases where proper nutrition is not enough, and then we can rely on supplements, such as the ultra powerful one with 8 vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D-Biotin and folic acid. It is great for filling up with energy and fighting fatigue.

Vitamin B: hair

This vitamin is often considered an accomplice of the beauty that each of us shows off and certainly not for the benefits already listed. So far I have not in fact disclosed that eating lots of vitamin B12 we will notice significant improvements also in terms of nails and above all of hair that will appear more robust and less dry. Less dry skin too, and with an overall healthier appearance.

Vitamin B: contraindications

There are no general contraindications for B, it is important to understand if we are gods particularly sensitive subjects because all the more reason we must respect the recommended doses. In fact, if we exaggerate, we can see signs such as photosensitivity, nausea, vomiting, temporary lack of appetite.

For the pregnant women, even if they are not gods sensitive subjects in itself, it is best to be cautious and check the quantities of B. that the diet recommends, without breaking the bank.

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