Fever in children, natural remedies

Fever in children, natural remedies

Fever in children, natural remedies and homeopathic. Useful tips, when to worry and what to do in case of a child with a high fever.

Fever in children, when to worry

Therefever in children, especially when they are very young, it scares the parents a lot but generally there is no need to worry: fever is a natural defense mechanism.

The causes that raise the body temperature in children can be of different nature, although generally they are viruses and bacteria present in the body.

The NICE (National Institute For Health and Care Excellence) has released guidelines to make parents understand when to worry and contact the pediatrician in case of fever. The guidelines vary according to the age of the child.

According to NICE, with a very young baby up to 3 months of age, the pediatrician should be contacted when the fever reaches 38 ° C. If the small child is between 3 and 6 months of age, then there is concern and contact the pediatrician when the high fever reaches 39 ° C.

Much also depends on the child. Regardless of age, if the child has a fever of 38 - 39 ° C but is quiet and playing, no therapy is required. However, there are other factors that need to be checked: "Alterations in the state of consciousness or interactions of the child with others, severe abnormalities of breathing or color of the skin and mucous membranes, neck stiffness ..."In short, the fever, taken individually, does not tell us much if not compared with other physical symptoms.

When to worry when a small child has a high fever? According to NICE experts, the risk that the child has something more serious than a common cold should be considered when:

  • heart rate is greater than 160 beats per minute for children under one year of age;
  • 150 beats per minute between one and two years;
  • 140 beats over two years.

Fever in children, natural remedies

The following natural remedies are extremely helpful in relieving fever in children. Here are remedies and tips on what to do in case of a child with a fever.

Make the child drink plenty of water

Small children, babies, adults ... hydration is at the base when the body temperature is high. Even if the child is not thirsty, offer him some water to drink. Water should not be lacking especially if the child has dry lips and does not pee, the first symptoms of a dehydration.

Fever in children, homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy is useful for lowering the temperature in children and relieving symptoms. Some homeopathic remedies are also suitable for newborns. We advise you to consult a good homeopath who can indicate the most suitable dosages and products.

For information only, we tell you that homeopathic remedies can generally be administered to infants by dissolving the granules in a little water to put in the bottle. Among the natural and homeopathic remedies we point out:

  • Eupatorium perfoliatum
    cures fever that tends to rise slowly, combined with the classic flu pains, coughs and colds.
  • Ferrum phosphoricum
    it is useful in case of fever with sore throat and earache (otitis).
  • Pretty Woman
    It is used to lower high fever in children, especially if it is sudden, with chills and sweat. It is considered by many to be a natural antipyretic.
  • Gelsemium sempervirens
    used to combat fever and headaches.
  • Bryonia alba
    this remedy, in homeopathy, is used to relieve fever accompanied by other symptoms such as dry cough, intercostal pain and tracheitis. It is considered a good natural remedy for bronchitis.


Another natural remedy against fever, useful for children as well as adults, consists in the administration of lactic ferments. When the temperature rises, it is good to strengthen the intestinal bacterial flora where there are numerous immune cells, our greatest allies to fight fever. To improve the immune system we recommend a sachet of lactic ferments a day for 7 or 8 days.

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