World Soil Day: how to participate

World Soil Day: how to participate

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World Soil Day, something that we have been treading on since we have been on Earth but that lately we tread more and less consciously. We use it without the need for it, we pollute it, we waste it. Who would have imagined, millennia ago, that it would have become necessary to establish this World Soil Day. Instead, today it is more urgent and important than ever not only to celebrate it but also to animate it with concrete and synergistic initiatives such as the one that was made a couple of years ago: #savefloor.

World Soil Day: when

There World Soil Day and the December 5th, it is worldwide but if we look at our continent, we must realize that we need to roll up our sleeves immediately. In Europe, the soil is not yet recognized as a common good, in the past few years for the first time 430 organizations have come together and in chorus have asked with a petition to give a right to the soil. By renewing this will we are preparing to celebrate the World Soil Day.

World Soil Day: data

Not even the general crisis, and that of the construction sector, was able to stop the infamous land consumption which, instead of decelerating, increases. The speed is now alarming, so much so that the data provided today can already be considered outdated. Let us make them public anyway to frame the problem. Each year, 1000 square km of cultivated areas are cleared by new buildings.

Starting 50 years ago, when there was still no World Soil Day, to date, it is possible to measure a land area "consumed" in the 28 countries of the European Union equal to that of countries such as Hungary and Portugal.

Imagine a Czech Republic that in half a century from green it has become only asphalt and gray infrastructure, houses and parking lots. In the meantime, the European population is moving more and more from the countryside to the cities, the metropolises engulf the villages around them becoming giants and the previously cultivated areas remain abandoned. Easy prey of the compulsive soil users.

World Soil Day: future

In World Soil Day it is right to cry a little over spilled milk, also in order not to make the same mistakes over and over again, but it is then essential to look to the horizon and roll up your sleeves. Today in the European Union we live in full contradiction and if we celebrate the World Soil Day it's time to say it out loud.

Let's say we want to “insure the food safety for all citizens ”and then let the soil be wasted. Topical issues such as migration waves have a lot to do with World Soil Day because precisely in the countries from which people flee, there are square kilometers upon square kilometers of land used to produce and feed us Europeans.

This is just an example to show that the current situation must be faced by joining forces and building interventions that embrace all issues without stopping to blunt the tip of this huge iceberg.

Related to land consumption there are also phenomena such as heavy soil contamination, erosion, hydrogeological instability and desertification. The climate change is a prominent protagonist of the World Soil Day.

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