Foot reflexology: benefits and points

Foot reflexology: benefits and points

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Foot reflexology, who knows what it is already feels a feeling of well-being. It is not always immediate, of course, but this practice gives excellent results for numerous physical problems that make life more tiring or painful than necessary.

There Foot reflexology it is based on the transmission of a stimulus that starts from a peripheral receptor, in our case present on the foot, reaching a central organ which can be the brain, but also the spinal cord. It is not over, from this "center", the stimulus continues towards that organ that the Foot reflexology must cure. This can be a muscle, or a gland, but also another organ.

Here because "Reflexology": it is a reflex zone therapy that comes applied to the feet but it improves the functions of various parts of the body located almost everywhere.

Foot reflexology: definition

Understanding what it is, let's see the definition and origins of Foot reflexology. It comes to us from afar, in time and space, because it has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It consists in the targeted stimulation of certain points of the body crossed by "energy meridians", or so in China they have decided to call these areas which, if stimulated, they give effects that are reflected on others.

There are many types of reflexology, but the plantar one to date is the best known and most effective, this depends on the fact that on the feet there are numerous nerve endings and they are also quite comfortable to stimulate and massage. Other reflexologies for those who want to experiment or for those who do not like to show their feet, are the facial and the hand one.

Foot reflexology: benefits

The benefits of Foot reflexology, to list them all, they are bored. The best known and most appreciated are those concerning those who suffer from frequent illness of head or back pain. In general, even if you do not have a real pathology, this practice often helps to reduce stress, relieves the tension we accumulate on our shoulders and there are those who even take advantage of it to relieve cold symptoms.

By widening our gaze we can interpret ours person like a tree, our feet as if they were roots, the spine the trunk and the head the hair. It goes without saying, then, that the feet must be well treated and our being depends on them healthy, stable and lush. If we are determined to undergo foot reflexology, let's get ready for a three-step therapy.

First of all we will go in search of Frssore greasy on our feet to identify the parts to be treated to reach a state of general rebalancing and, above all, the organs that correspond to the critical areas of the foot. There is therefore no single process for everyone a la foot reflexology must be customized, each session lasts less than an hour but to make sense, at least a dozen must be done.

Foot reflexology: cervical

By cervical area we mean that part of the spine placed at the top and which includes 7 vertebrae, the cervical ones. The areas of the feet which, according to the foot reflexology, correspond to this segment of the neck, to the muscles that "work" there and to the bone, are the toes but also the sole and the back, in particular the lateral internal area of ​​the big toes.

The problems that the foot reflexology can resolve in this area are usually neck pain, cervicoatrosis and general pain in the area between the shoulders and neck. Even those who feel the stiff and sore neck can try this solution, especially with the arrival of cold weather which makes the situation worse, as well as humidity.

Foot reflexology: intestine

If we want to obtain benefits for the rectum and the descending colon from the sessions of foot reflexology we must concentrate on the right foot, in fact only on the right are the points corresponding to this organ. This also applies to the heart and spleen. This is why it is important to get at least an idea of ​​the reflexology map, it is also interesting and curious to see the unexpected matches.

Some affect both feet and work in a mirror image, this happens for the points corresponding to the head, breasts, eyes, ears, shoulder, lungs, thyroid, stomach, duodenum-pancreas, adrenal kidney, transverse colon, knee, bladder, ovaries (or testes), sciatic nerve and duodenum. The left foot, as mentioned for the right, also has its “exclusive” points: those corresponding to the liver, gallbladder, acendant colon, appendix.

Foot reflexology: points

There is not a single map to refer to: with the creation of many schools, over the years, many versions have appeared that differ only in some particularities, the general vision of the foot remains almost identical. Below we see an example, in general ours body was placed in a grid with ten zones vertical and three horizontal and the same division was made evenly on the feet.

This is evident by noting that central organs, such as the spine and stomach, correspond to the area in the middle of the foot, those on the right are found on the right foot and those on the left on the left foot. It is therefore obvious that in the presence of double organs (lungs or kidneys) they have corresponding points on both feet. Finally, the head in the feet is in the fingers.

Foot reflexology: courses in Milan

There are many courses in Foot Reflexology, let alone in Milan which always multiplies everything by a thousand and more. What I recommend for anyone serious about learning is to contact Italian Federation of Foot Reflexology based in Milan at the Hilton Hotel in via Luigi Galvani.

The association itself also has offices to Pordenone, Turin and Verona, but on the official website there are already very exhaustive insights even for those who want to start calmly by getting in "massager" mat on Amazon. It is foldable and therefore very practical. Using it we will realize how it helps eliminate toxins and improve blood circulation, relaxing us.

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