Prunes: properties and calories

Prunes: properties and calories

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Dried plums, all of them link them to constipation, nothing not very commendable but it is certainly not an excellent image for a food that has many other properties for which it deserves the esteem even of those with perfectly regular intestines. With only three dried plums a day, cellular aging is slowed down also preventing degenerative diseases, without digestive problems.

However, this is not a food for a nursing home, since at breakfast for children, instead of snacks, it provides energy and prevents them from filling up with "butter" snacks. With a pound of Dried plums you fill up with boron, with a decoction of prunes before bedtime, you sleep like a wonder.

Prunes: properties

Deprived of the water they contain when fresh, plums become a concentrate of easily assimilable nutrients and sugars and an excellent source of antioxidants ready to counteract cell aging. The presence of soluble fiber and propionic acid makes this type of dried fruit a very good help against the bad LDL cholesterol and, for women in menopause, there is also the advantage that concerns the bones.

American studies prove that prunes are consumed regularly counteract osteoporosis and are good for bones as well as skin. Another news that will please women, as well as many men, is that vitamin A, together with beta-carotene and other antioxidants, protect the skin from premature aging as well as from acne. Few also know that dried plums, especially in winter, can help us in case of cough and bronchitis.

Prunes: calories

Nothing that prevents you from eating them even if you are on a diet but the Dried plums they obviously have more calories than their fresh counterpart, about 220 per pound, considering the "pure" pulp. I'm rich in potassium, above all, but also calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, fluorine, boron, manganese and sodium.

Turning to vitamins, the most present are the A, "the B", the C and the K, accompanied by beta-carotene, cryptoxanthin-beta, lutein and zeaxanthin. In this way, they are also rich in sugars and amino acids such as aspartic acid and glutamic acid, leucine and tryptophan.

Prunes in pregnancy

Among the numerous properties of the Dried plums, there are some that can be particularly dear to pregnant women. Certainly the fact that they have an effect remineralizing and invigorating, thanks to the mineral salts and vitamins that give us a hand if we feel exhausted and tired, with or without reason.

Even in case of anemia, plums are useful because they contain C vitamin which promotes the absorption of iron. In the background, but by no means negligible, the benefits of Dried plums affecting hair and the immune system.

For the hair, it is a question still linked to iron that does not make them thin or even dry. Back on the field instead C vitamin when it comes to strengthening the immune system by protecting us from seasonal diseases and ailments.

Prunes constipation

I chose to talk first about the less hyped properties of the Plums dry but those against constipation they are not to be censored. Indeed, they are the main reason why many of us consume this food, even those who do not have problems of this kind can carry on preventing them with two or three of these fruits a day that will do "their dirty work" thanks to the dietary fiber, fructose and sulfur.

Prunes: recipes

We find the Dried plums in many tasty dishes, both sweet and savory, so if we feel it is “sad” to consume them alone, we can make up for it by cooking something appetizing. The cakes and treats they lend themselves well to hosting them, there is also a few seconds of interesting meat that contains them, but for breakfast you can safely use a canned "della Nonna". A pack of 320 grams at 2 euros on Amazon will give us the charge for at least a week, softening us since the morning.

Homemade dried plums

Before preparing the Dried plums at home, some preliminary information. It is the same fruit that when fresh is called plum and is grown throughout Europe as well as in the United States. Especially if we think of dried plums, the first name that springs to mind is "Californian", but there are other varieties that deserve to be considered.

It is no coincidence that the aforementioned region is precisely that, it is in fact there that plums began to be dried, in the nineteenth century, still the largest production worldwide is there. We can still do our small domestic production, just wash them and put them in a pot with water already boiling, leaving them for two minutes.

You can then proceed with a professional dryer or with the oven by placing them inside on a baking tray, at 120 ° for an hour. Tradition has it that the'Drying takes place in the sun, but not all of us live in such sunny areas 12 months out of 12.

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