Used cooking oil

Used cooking oil

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Used cooking oil: how much it costs, what it is for and who takes care of its disposal. All information on vegetable oil at the end of its life.

Used cooking oil, what it is

L'used cooking oil it is nothing more than frying oil no longer reusable or other cooking oil used by the food industry.

L'used vegetable oilis a non-hazardous waste produced in city homes, by the industrial catering sector, by fryers, rotisserie laboratories, restaurants, bars, hotels, catering, canteens ... It is mainly produced used seed oil, palm oil and other vegetable oils in fractions less relevant.

Vegetable or animal oil, having reached the end of its life cycle, can undergo various treatments and be destined to face new transformations. L'used cooking oilin fact, it can be reused for:

  • the production of Biodiesel
  • The production of soaps
  • Regenerated oil suitable for mixing with lubricating mineral oil
  • The production of road bitumen
  • The production of animal feed.
  • The production of biogas.

Used cooking oil, the legislation

Waste code:cer code 20.01.25.

In Italy, Legislative Decree 22 of February 5, 1997, later merged into Legislative Decree No. 152 of 3 April 2006, prescribes the obligation to collect, recover and recycle exhausted vegetable and animal oils and fats.

Producers of waste oils (private citizens as well as companies and food industries) to comply with legislation and comply with the current obligation, can act independently by delivering waste oils to collection points or intervene through a Consortium or an intermediary.

The national mandatory consortium for the collection and treatment of waste oils of vegetable or animal origin is theCONOE (national mandatory consortium of used oils). The Consortium ensures the collection, transport, storage and treatment and reuse of exhausted vegetable oils and animal fats.

The legislation requires that anyone who holds used vegetable oils and fats or animal fats is obliged to give them to the National Mandatory Consortium (CONOE) directly or through delivery to intermediaries appointed and adherent to the consortium itself.

Vegetable oils or exhausted animal fats produced in the home end up, too often, down the pipes of the toilet or sink. Nothing more wrong!

Anyone who violates the obligations referred to in Article 233, paragraphs 12 and 13, is punished with a pecuniary administrative sanction (a fine) ranging from 260 euros up to 1,550 euros.

Used cooking oil, price

There collection and recycling of used cooking oil opens doors and a real business. In many places in Italy, especially in the Center-North, waste oil of food origin is collected free of charge by the consortium or member intermediary companies that provide for its disposal and sale.

Unfortunately, the situation changes in the areas of Southern Italy where most of the municipalities do not deal with the Porta a Porta collection or start specific programs for the transfer to ecological islands; in these locations, the collection of used cooking oil is left in the hands of private individuals, who often get paid and then resell the material obtained.

At the end of its life cycle, the used vegetable oil can be marketed. The price of used vegetable oil it starts from 180 euros up to and exceeds 400 euros per ton.

How to dispose of used cooking oil at home

Get a large, wide-mouthed plastic bottle. A bottle of laundry detergent or fabric softener will do.

Using a large bottle, you will have the opportunity to deliver the oil to the collection points only a couple of times a year. After frying, wait for the oil to cool and then transfer it to the bottle.

For every information: fried oil disposal.

N.B .: it is better not to reuse the frying oil for different cooking! Recent research has shown that reusing the same oil for different frying is very bad for your health. We cannot control how many times restaurateurs or rotisseries reuse the same oil for frying but we can avoid its reuse in the home. To access all the information, I invite you to visit the page:reuse the oil for frying.

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