Eczema: causes and remedies

Eczema: causes and remedies

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Eczema, a boring problem that can cause pain and discomfort. On the face or scalp, on the hands and just about everywhere. There are several causes as well numerous natural remedies to cure it. Do you know them?

Eczema: what it is

It is more common than you think, it is not flaunted also in order not to dwell on the annoyance it creates, but it makes no sense to pretend that it does not exist. Better look this enemy in the face and learn how to treat your symptoms so annoying using drugs as little as possible.

When we talk about eczema we are referring to one inflammatory skin reaction which makes us feel a great itch and makes redness appear. It may also happen that some are formed small scabs and blisters.

Eczema: causes

Most of the time this inflammation occurs, it is a symptom of contact allergies. The substances that cause this problem can be found in household products, detergents, soaps or cosmetics but also in fabrics and clothes. However, there are also other types of Eczema that are caused by others, by the external climatic conditions or by the physical conditions of the subject himself, by bacterial infections or by advancing age.

Atopic eczema

When red plaques appear, the skin appears drier than usual and we feel a lot of itch, so we are right in the atopic case. There are those who have almost unbearable symptoms, and those who barely notice it, depends on the age and general health of the personFurthermore, Eczema itself has its own evolution.

Pass from a period of exacerbation to one of remission. This type of problem is frequent especially in the first three months of life, or in people who are predisposed to hay asthma and food allergies.

Contact eczema

As already mentioned, Eczema can appear as a consequence of the presence on the skin of substances that we do not tolerate. It may happen that the inflammatory reaction starts even after several years and all of a sudden we find ourselves having to be careful about what cleaning products we use, the creams and cosmetics we apply to our face and body, to the label of the clothes we wear.

Facial eczema

It is not among the most frequent, fortunately, and can appear for both a contact allergy, as just explained, or for a continuous rubbing of the skin. Even scratches on an already sensitive face can trigger inflammation, another risky moment is there stage of old age, especially if you live in places with low humidity

Hands eczema

When the skin of the hands is inflamed, for a Eczema, one of the causes may be latex allergy. Or to one of the substances already mentioned that we usually touch with our hands.

Eczema: remedies

There are several natural remedies to try to soothe symptoms of Eczema, let's not lose heart, therefore, and let's not waste time complaining. THE Epsom salts, for example, they are an effective natural remedy based on magnesium sulphate and have emollient properties: let's try to dissolve them in water and then enjoy a soothing and relaxing bath.

Soothing is also the sodium bicarbonate to be used in the same way while apple cider vinegar is to be spread on the inflamed parts due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties that reduce the marks left on the skin by eczema. If we don't like the smell of vinegar, let's try extra virgin olive oil, a powerful anti-inflammatory that softens the skin, or with'Organic coconut oil.

Less liquid but just as effective, to spread there is also shea butter very suitable for treating redness and Eczema, also making the skin more elastic. Those who do not hate it can also take advantage of garlic by applying an extract of its liquid to the affected area.

As we choose which remedy to try, we sip one chamomile tea which with its calming and soothing properties can treat Eczema from within, letting you relax. One last option I suggest is a magical one aloe vera gel organic which, pure, has some amazing soothing and calming properties, it's great for sensitive and reddened skin, on Amazon available for less than 15 euros in packs of 500 g.

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