DIY birth bow

DIY birth bow

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DIY birth bow, the best way, in fact, to welcome a son, a nephew, the daughter of friends or a colleague. And while you "manufacture" it with your own hands, you have the opportunity and time to reflect on what you want to wish for this new existence that is taking shape. Perhaps even a more sustainable world, and even more so, why not create a DIY birth bow with recycled materials? It is not offensive, on the contrary, it is green and contains a precious message.

Birth staple how to do

It is not necessary to be an artist to dedicate yourself to a DIY birth bow, also because it is a very symbolic gift and that does not serve much if not to "symbolize" that we are ready to embrace the newcomer intertwining ours with his existence.

There are a lot of guides and tutorials to draw inspiration from, if we're not the types particularly creative: many before us and with more imagination than us, have thought of leaving instructions to create a Staple of birth in no time and with simple and inexpensive materials such as remnants of fabric or felt, balls of cotton or remnants of balls not usable for making sweaters, colored ribbons and buttons.

DIY birth flakes

A Birth staple it does not necessarily have to be sewn, nor bought, we can make it with our hands if we have some interesting object and material available. Ribbons, pendants, beads, for example, are enough and left over to create a great welcome gift.

If we have some favors to recycle, they are perfect for turning into a Birth staple but if we know how to crochet everything is easier. Be it a staple or a birth wreath, whether it is for a boy or a girl, there are numerous examples to refer to to create a masterpiece at no cost, with the best colors, without necessarily respecting the démodé pink / blue combination.

Felt birth bow

Felt, like pannolenci, is a material suitable for a Birth staple that we want to hang on the door. This is because they are both quite resistant and air-resistant materials, and are well suited to the creation of articulated and imaginative forms. Furthermore, there is a way to apply the initials of the unborn child to the felt as well as to the felt.

Pink birth bow

For an incoming female, I would prepare a DIY birth bow in the shape of an envelope, original and to be filled with a secret message that you can read in 5 or 6 years by putting it in your mind. Later I will suggest non-trivial phrases. To realize this idea you can use the firm cloth, felt or the like, and study a simple envelope and then decorate it with flowers, buttons, beads or embroider it.

Cross stitch birth bow

Those who know how to embroider can use this skill to make a Birth staple customized. Those who do not know how to do it can start learning, cross stitching is rather trivial and with the idea of ​​creating something tender for an oncoming baby, it can dirty us.

With the aida canvas, for cross stitch, we choose among the many examples available, some design that is suitable for a child. Between animals, hearts and Greek, there is no lack of choice. You can also refer to the initial, perhaps in an artistic way, or even the entire name.

Green birth flakes

A DIY birth bow with recycled materials, it is the best because it combines manual skills, the time we give to do it andattention to the environment, the environment in which the baby will arrive and will have to live. It is easy to make a nice one, if we are creative we can do great projects but it is not necessary to obtain a pleasant result.

We search the house old favors, ribbons and fabrics, wadding for the stuffing and packaging decorations that we have kept. With what we have gathered, we create, thinking about the recipient.

Birth staple phrases

A couple of "non-canonical" phrases to welcome with irony, snatching a smile even from new parents, with which to accompany our Staple of Birth.
"The only magic without makeup is the magic of life."
"A newborn represents God's conviction that the world must continue."
"The world is born for everyone who is born into the world."
“You were born original. Don't die as a copy. "

For those who are not satisfied with a sentence, here it is a book, indeed, two, one for girls and one for boys, perfect for welcoming both of them with tenderness. They are entitled Pink ribbon is Blue Bowand we find them on Amazon conveniently ready.

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