Thick hot chocolate: how to make it and calories

Thick hot chocolate: how to make it and calories

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Thick hot chocolate, now that winter arrives, a mouth-watering mirage for those who are afraid that it will hurt or make you fat. If you don't drink a dozen a day, it is a great way to do the full of energy and good humor. They exist today many recipes to prepare thick hot chocolate and even ordering it at the bar there are interesting options, from white to soy milk, to many flavored with cinnamon, pistachio, for example, but every time I discover new ones.

Thick hot chocolate: how to make it

Let's start from homemade hot chocolate, a pleasure that is not taken for granted but that if we learn to prepare, we can then offer it to guests with a satisfied smile. One of the Cyritic points is the lump formation, the advice is to always sift the cocoa powder, corn starch, potato starch and rice flour with a colander before proceeding.

As for the doses, we take into account that usually a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 80 grams of chocolate are used whenever. For a thick hot chocolate, the maximum must be taken and then corn starch, potato starch and rice flour must be added to be sure of the result.

When it cooks, the chocolate must be mixed with great care e always on a low flame to prevent half a drink from sticking to the saucepan. We can use a small whisk for mix the ingredients well and if we want, even add some sugar if we love it Thick and sweet hot chocolate. For those who want to indulge themselves, however, there is a collection for 6-piece spoon hot chocolate complete with milk and dark chocolate couverture, irresistible and for only 16 Euros on Amazon.

Thick hot chocolate: calories

It is not necessary to resist hot chocolate if the only reason we are trying to do it is calories. Let's not drink too much and pay attention to the ingredients we use, but let's not deprive ourselves of this pleasure. There are many combinations and recipes to prepare Thick hot chocolate of our dreams therefore I prefer to indicate the calories of the most frequently used ingredients, leaving the accounts to you. So you already burn some calories from the cup.

For 25 cl of fresh whole milk we count 157.5 calories, for 60 grams of dark chocolate, 300 calories, for 10 of bitter cocoa, about 32 calories, for 10 grams of corn starch, 34. Finally, if we add sugar and whipped cream for the first we can consider 40 calories per 10 grams and for the cream, 30 per spoon.

Thick hot chocolate without milk

Those who do not want or cannot ingest milk can enjoy hers Thick hot chocolate prepared with the soya milk, for two people it takes 300 ml to combine with 70 g of cocoa powder, 50 g of dark chocolate, 15 g of corn starch, 20 g of potato starch and a pinch of vanilla powder.

We will get one Thick hot chocolate completely vegetable by simply replacing cow's milk with soy and opting for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. We also have the equally vegetable alternative, with rice milk.

White thick hot chocolate

There White thick hot chocolate it is extremely sweet and more caloric, ma de gustobus, I prefer the one with dark chocolate. Having said that, here's how to prepare it: with 300 ml of milk, 80 g of white chocolate, 10 g of corn starch, 15 g of rice flour and vanilla powder. If you want, you can also add sugar but consider that white chocolate already gives a very intense contribution in sweetness.

In the white version of the Thick hot chocolate we do not use cocoa powder but we can flavor with vanilla powder or in sticks, adding fresh cream, always white.

Thick hot chocolate: benefits

If we are in doubt about indulging in a good one Thick hot chocolate in these cold and occasionally even gray days, we think we're doing it for improve memory since many studies show that the damage caused by dementia is limited.

All thanks to the bitter cocoa that it is rich in antioxidants and in particular of flavonoids. After a Hot chocolate we will therefore be much more concentrated and absolutely cheerful, goodbye tension, goodbye sadness, goodbye anxiety. All health.

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