Cypress hedge

Cypress hedge

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Cypress hedge: how to plant the cypress to grow a hedge. Planting period and advice for growing cypresses.

If for you allergy to cypress and its pollen is just a myth, nothing prevents you from cultivating a tree-lined avenue or a dense hedge with these beautiful trees.

THEcypressesthey are perfect for delimiting avenues or for building windbreak hedges or able to give privacy and protection. On this page we will see how to grow such a hedgeCupressus sempervirens, the cultivation tips are also valid forhedge of the Leyland variety. The Leyland cypress variety is very popular for its rapid growth: it grows at least 40 cm per year and you will be able to get a tall hedge within a few years. The only drawback of theCypress Leylandis that you will get a high maintenance hedge, where maintenance pruning will have to be very frequent.

Small curiosity:do you know why the cypress is the most cultivated tree in cemeteries? Due to its shallow root system, in this way the trees can be grown near the graves without causing any damage.

Despite its shallow roots, the cypress can reach a height of 30 meters.

Cypress hedge:the period for planting

When to grow cypress trees?The right period for planting falls in early autumn, with the month of October. Only in the extreme north of Italy and in the colder areas should the operation be postponed to spring, when the danger of late frosts has now passed.

Cypress hedge:cultivation and care

Choose a sunny location: the cypress needs heat, even if for short periods it can tolerate temperatures that drop below zero. Despite the resistance of the cypress to the cold, in the first years of life it must be protected; those who live in the far north will have to plant adult specimens, so as not to risk losing small trees due to the cold.

The cypress does not require special care. Depending on the variety, cypress can give birth tohedgeslow or high maintenance. It grows well with various types of soils, including calcareous and clayey ones. It grows on poor substrates…. the only need is that the soil is well drained because water stagnation can cause root problems.

Poorly draining soil can cause root diseases, in particular fungal diseases and rot.

It is not necessary to irrigate thecypress hedge: water the cypress hedge only if it is grown in particularly dry soil and during dry periods. THE cypresses they are satisfied with ambient humidity and rainwater.

How to plant the cypress hedge

Purchase icypressesof the variety of your choice (very popular, due to its rapid growth is the Leyland cypress). You can buy cypresses of different sizes and development. Just be careful to choose healthy plants, not damaged and that do not have dry branches.

Prefer potted cypresses rather than bare root. Potted cypresses have stronger roots and are easiertaking root.

For theplanting of the cypress hedge, dig the holes.

The planting hole varies according to the size of the plant: for onecypressof 2 meters you will have to dig a hole about 50 - 60 cm deep.

At the bottom of the hole, it is good practice to prepare a layer of well-mature manure (manure as a fertilizer is excellent for the cypress, and will also have an effect in the year following planting). On top of the manure layer, add a layer of universal soil mixed with crushed stone to increase drainage and protect the cypress roots from disease.

Flare the plant and place it in the hole, very straight. Fill the spaces with fresh universal soil. Avoid using the same soil as the excavation because the insect larvae already present could damage the cypress roots that have not yet taken root and strengthened.

Irrigate and, to ensure that the plant remains straight, for the first two years after planting, add a stake or fix it with 3 or 4 tie rods tied to as many trunks. This solution is useful for those who plant plants higher than 170 cm. It is not necessary if the planted cypress plants are low.

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