Green Planner 2017 presented in Milan

Green Planner 2017 presented in Milan

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Green Planner 2017, because we do not suddenly love the environment and are committed to ensuring that our planet is increasingly sustainable, it is necessary to plan and if you do it in black and white, good intentions do not vanish into thin air. This is why the agenda has already been presented Green Planner 2017 the past few days in Milan and here's why is a partner of this important work and life tool. Let's find out its contents, let's get ready for a green 2017, in which to glide gently on one healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

Green Planner 2017: where to find it

The Milanese one was not a commercial launch, just to make people talk about it Green Planner 2017 is already in the bookstore and can also be purchased online in this page of the official website of Green Planner Magazine, better get a copy to project into the future and start writing down the commitments and vacation days scheduled for the coming months. The presentation of this fifth edition was hosted byOpen, more than books, in Milan, in viale Monte Nero.

Green Planner 2017: contents

The fact that Green Planner it is not just a simple diary, you can already guess from its name no more skeptics will be convinced by browsing the 180 pages data, projects, trends and best practices that flank the pages with the dates of the months to come.

In addition to our website, editorial partner, among the friends present at the debut of Green Planner 2017 and in the pages of this edition, too Legambiente who signs a project perfectly in line: People4Soil. This is an initiative that aims to draw the attention of the European Union to the need for one law saves soil: IdeasGreen have already signed up and we invite you to do the same on the official website:

One million signatures are needed, so everyone's help and commitment is precious!

Among the numerous adventure companions 2017 there are also the organizers of the GpEcoRun, made with the technical support for the calculation of CO2 EcoIstitute of Bolzano, whose various stages are marked. If you continue to follow us, in the coming months you will find new articles on IdeeGreeen with information on individual appointments.

For the sweet tooth, even the natural ice creams of Tvb and many other ideas for transform your life into a Green life.

Green Planner 2017: the news

If the months are always 12, year after year the editions of Green Planner they are enriched to stay up to date and always adhere to the reality we live, useful for those who live with their feet on the ground, dreaming of a greener and more respected world.

In 2017 it was decided to focus on young people and their future, which is also ours, so we will find related themes in prominence to the start-up ecosystem and training.

In the same direction look at the contest that will be launched to students invited to save the "old" ones GreenPlanner remained in stock, proposing new ways of reusing them. This is one of the many initiatives to promote recycling and reuse, an important key to beat, which is particularly close to the heart of those who created Green Planner as well as sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and climate change, good construction. Week after week, there is room for every feasible green idea.

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