Guarana: properties, uses and tips

Guarana: properties, uses and tips

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Guarana: properties, uses, contraindications, effects, benefits and everything you need to know about taking guarana and its extracts.

The guarana it is a climbing shrub native to the northern Amazon River, its botanical name is Paullinia cupana Kunth and in our country it has become famous for the substance extracted from its seeds.

Each fruit of this plant can contain up to a maximum of 3 seeds which, dried, ground, kneaded and mixed, give rise to a mixture of active ingredients, first of all the "guaranine", a molecule very similar to caffeine.

To the seeds of guarana powder they are associated multiple beneficial properties: guarana extracts are described as energizing even more than cafferina, it is supposed, in fact, that the active ingredients of guarana are assimilated more slowly by the body and therefore the effects would be slightly longer lasting than those of coffee.

Guarana powder

Theguarana powderis considered aancient remedyto support the body. All the Indian tribes used guarana in powder form for the tonic-stimulating and energizing effect: it was used to increase physical stamina during hunting.

For the preparation of theguarana powderonly the seeds of the well ripe fruits were used. The seeds were placed in water to more easily remove the outer integument and extract the epicarp. After cleaning, the seeds were slowly roasted (on the same day as the harvest) and pounded. To seeds reduced industwater is added to obtain a homogeneous paste: the natives made loaves to be dried in the sun, smoked and grated and ingested when needed! Some tribes of Latin America mixed guarana seeds (reduced to powder) with flour: still today, in Venezuela, natural remedies are prepared with guarana seeds and cassava flour.

In Europe, the trade of guarana seed-based preparations is widespread: from soft drinks to tablets. The tablets usually contain a dry extract of guarana (powdered and dehydrated guarana seeds). Among the various products on the market we point out theOrganic Guarana in Tabletsof Bio Atlantic, available on Amazon at a price of 11 euros with free shipping. The package contains 200 tablets of 400 mg of pure extract, derived from organic farming. The manufacturer recommends the use of 2 or 3 tablets per day to be taken with a large glass of water, during meals.

Guarana, properties and contraindications

Theguaranahas always been considered byNative Americanslike an elixir of life. It was widely used in all tribes and its popularity has very ancient roots.

The therapeutic properties as well as the effects of theguarana on our organism they have not been highlighted by scientific studies: it is supposed the presence of still unknown substances that exert an effect on our nervous system; from the research carried out, it would be neuroactive substances in the presence of a thousandth that perform an action on a neurological level with a marked action towards excitability. As evidence of the presence of stimulating and neuroactive substances there are the side effects.

Theguaranait is used today, as you give itindios, as an energizing, stimulating and inappetent substance: the guarana it would be effective against the sense of hunger, acting as an adjunct to weight loss at heart. Thanks to its stimulating effects, guarana would be effective against constipation problems and would also help improve memory, stabilize the mood in those who are down in tone and give greater alertness and attention.

In areas where the Guarana plant grows spontaneously, the extracts of the seed are considered among the best elixirs of long life: according to the beliefs of indigenous peoples, guarana has the property of keeping the arteries clean and tonic and would counteract the production of the responsible hormones of depression typical of old age.

Guarana, contraindications and side effects

Amongside effectsmore common are neurological stimuli such as agitation, nervousness, insomnia, hyperexcitability ... Among thecontraindications: Guarana is not recommended for those suffering from arrhythmias of various kinds because it can aggravate the symptoms, arterial hypertension, anxiety and in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Before use, keep in mind that exciting substances can cause even serious circulatory problems in the most sensitive subjects and with a certain circulatory susceptibility.

Guarana, uses

The guarana it can be used in the production of natural supplements and energy drinks aimed in particular at sportsmen and students who wish to raise the state of alertness and concentration.

Wanting to buy it in natural form, we find it in herbalists or in shops that sell natural products in the form of syrups, herbal extracts, pills, capsules or powder.

Guarana, intake

To enjoy the alleged benefits and properties of the guarana it is preferable to take it on a regular basis for a certain period of time. Regarding the dosage, it is advisable to dissolve the powder equivalent of a teaspoon of coffee in a glass of water to be drunk in the morning a few minutes before breakfast.

ATTENTION: its intake may interfere with some drugs, increasing or decreasing their effects, therefore it is always necessary to consult a doctor.

Guarana, other contraindications

Not recommended for use during pregnancy and children. The guarana it is also contraindicated during breastfeeding. If you are allergic or intolerant to caffeine or stimulants, avoid taking them. A high dosage of guarana it can involve anxiety, sleep disturbances, diarrhea, nervousness and stomach pain.

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