How to get rid of flies in the house

How to get rid of flies in the house

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How to get rid of flies in the house: natural remedies to create real ecological repellents useful against insects, in an economical way and without toxic substances.

During the summer and in the milder periods we witness insect invasions, first of all flies in the house. The fly lands everywhere, from the face of your children to the droppings of the neighbor's dog. Finding yourself with these insects in the house is not a good feeling and makes the sense of cleanliness and hygiene vanish. Let's find out in this article how to get rid of flies in the house with natural ingredients, without using expensive insecticide sprays, poisonous for every living being and for the environment.

How to get rid of flies in the house:natural insecticidal spray with vinegar and mint

This we are about to show you is an authentic onenatural insecticide, useful for eliminate flies in the house without spending too much money and in a completely eco-sustainable way.

To do this, you need two simple ingredients:

  • Half a liter of white vinegar.
  • A generous bunch of fresh mint

Natural insecticide with vinegar and mint, how to do it

To prepare yours natural insecticide against flies in home all you have to do is pour the mint leaves into a jar containing the white vinegar. Leave the leaves to macerate for about a week and then filter the mixture in order to eliminate the solid residues of mint. Use thenatural insecticide pouring it into a dispenser equipped with a spray. It will be enough to spray the solution in the rooms to prevent or eliminate the problem of flies in the house.

How to get rid of flies in the house:natural black pepper repellent

The smell of black pepper (as well as that of vinegar and mint) is not very pleasant to flies. Place bowls (or even glasses) in front of the doors and windows of each room in the house in which to insert some peppercorns and water. The smell will create an invisible barrier that allows you to eliminate flies in the house! Seeing is believing!

Natural remedies for flies:repellent based on citrus and cloves

Another natural remedy to prevent and eliminate flies in the home is obtainable using citrus fruits and cloves. The scent of fruits such as lemon and orange in fact, as well as black pepper and cloves, is not very popular with these insects. Also in this case, small containers containing water and slices of lemon and / or orange can represent a fragrant and effective solution against flies!

Home remedies for flies:Do-it-yourself fly paper, non-toxic and natural

If you really want a more drastic solution, aimed atremove the problem of flies, you could create a real one DIY fly paper. To create it, all you have to do is arm yourself with sugar, honey and a lot of goodwill, since the process requires a little more time than the remedies seen so far. A mixture made with water, honey and sugar, that's what you need.

Needed to prepare the natural fly paper

- Sheets of recycled paper (bread bags or even cardboard made from the concepts of pasta or breakfast cereals).
- Kitchen twine.
- A spoonful of water.
- 5 tablespoons of sugar.
- 2 tablespoons of honey.

Procedure for making fly paper in the house

- Pour all the ingredients into a non-stick pan.
- Light the fire on a very slow flame and melt the sugar and honey.
- Once the mixture is well caramelized, turn off the heat and let it cool.
- In the meantime, cut strips of cardboard (or paper) 7 cm wide and 20 cm long.
- Apply some twine, so you can hang your homemade fly paper.
- Once the mixture in the saucepan is warm enough, use a brush to spread the caramel on the sheet of paper.
- The homemade fly paper is ready and can be used like a normal fly paper (only this is poison free and made with ecological and non-toxic ingredients!

How to get rid of flies from your lawn and garden

To be really effective, the "DIY fly strips" should be distributed throughout the garden. Sure, a couple of fly strips can destroy a large number of flies, perfect for small spaces but if our garden is large, baits alone can't be enough.

In this case you can complete the work using anatural insecticideeffectiveagainst flies.

We are talking about a pesticide widely used in organic farming because, in addition to flies, it is effective against garden parasites.

Its active ingredient, "pyrethrin", works very well even if many people, due to a bad way of use, are unable to appreciate it. Thetreatment against flies, in fact, it must be performed in the evening, after sunset, so the sun will not be able to affect the effectiveness of its active ingredient which, being natural, is not persistent like other synthetic chemical molecules.

Thepyrethrumis effective against:

1. mosquito
2. crop bugs and green bed bugs
3. beetles
4. aphids and plant lice
5. crawling insects
6. white fly
7. earwigs
8. altica
9. common fly
10. many other plant parasitic insects

There are several pyrethrum-based insecticides on the market, they can be purchased in the form of powder or practical liquid spray. L'natural insecticide pyrethrum-based is easily found at specialized garden centers or can be purchased online: a 750 ml pack of Vitax spray - natural pyrethrum-based insecticide, is offered on Amazon at a price of 13.76 euros with expenses free shipping. The "Vitax" product is a ready-to-use insecticide spray, it is clear that it can provide limited coverage.

Unfortunately, many people are convinced that pyrethrum is not effective but, as I told you earlier, they are wrong to use it!

Pyrethrin is a photosensitive substance (it deactivates in direct sunlight), therefore, especially in liquid form, pyrethrum-based insecticides should be used in the late afternoon. Only in this way can this pesticide manifest its effects andremove the annoyingflies.

Where to distribute it?

If you have a lawn, you will have to sprinkle it all along the turf, this is where flies love to hide, in the humidity of the fresh grass. Same goes for ornamental plants.

I have reported a 750 ml pack ready for use, but there are also concentrated solutions to be diluted on the market. For example, Bayer's natural insecticide "pyrethrum actigreen" was born for horticultural purposes but can be used very well against flies because the active ingredient is the same.

In this case you will need to dilute 14-25 ml of product in 10 liters of water in order to have a greater yield and more convenience in large-scale treatments. For use at home, it is better to dilute only 14 ml of product.

The price is 16.81 euros with shipping costs included and, again, for all the information, I refer you to the product sheet:Bayer Pyrethrum actigreen (Bio).

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