Slovensky Kopov: breeding and price

Slovensky Kopov: breeding and price

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Slovensky Kopov, from the Slovak a breed belonging to the group of hounds and blood trail dogs. It has a medium size characterized by a very robust musculature and an equally solid bone structure even if at sight it is a dog from thelight and agile air. This dog has as its most envied feature an extraordinary sense of direction, no one beats it at this juncture.

Slovensky Kopov: characteristics

At the withers a male specimen of Slovensky Kopov can reach a maximum of half a meter, if female a little less, in both cases they are dogs with a dry and muscular physique with a trunk that is quite light but very well proportioned.

The body is rectangular, slightly elongated, with straight and strong limbs, a saber-like tail up to the hock and a head that is typical of a hound. The nose is always black and with well opened nostrils, it comes out at the end of the muzzle, quite wide with well stretched lips. The ears of the Slovensky Kopov they are of medium length to medium, with a rounded shape and a little drooping, the eyes are sunken and dark, almond-shaped, lively and courageous.

Moving on to the coat of this Slovakian hound, it is 2 to 5 cm long and very dense. It is not homogeneous on the whole body: on the back, on the neck and on the tail it is longer than the other areas. There is also the undercoat, but in summer it becomes almost non-existent. The color of the Slovensky Kopov admitted by the standard, it is black, alone or also with brown and acajou spots on the lips, cheeks, throat, chest, eyes and paws.

Slovensky Kopov: character

The Slovensky Kopov is a dog from courageous and lively character, but also perseverance and seriousness in doing his job as a hound, he does not give up for hours and hours. In addition to hunting, it is also often used to guard or as a defense dog, because it has all the characteristics that allow it to achieve excellent results even in these guises. In the family he is not aggressive, on the contrary, he proves to be friendly and calm, sweet and sociable, but absolutely not to be kept in the apartment, he is used to being outdoors and would suffer tremendously.

Slovensky Kopov boar hunting

It has been for centuries Slovensky Kopov, also called Chien courant slovaque, is used for hunting the boar and also to other carnivores. The wild boar is one of his favorite prey and his performances are excellent. The origins of this boar hound are still little known, certainly they are very old but there are no well-defined documentation or hypotheses and the official recognition of the breed came only after the Second World War.

Slovensky Kopov: farms

Despite is not a breed for apartments, and not very well known, in Italy it is raised in well-established structures, recognized by Enci. One is in the Bologna area, in Emilia Romagna, a second in the province of Genoa, in Liguria, and the third in Tuscany, near Florence. In our country there are not many examples of this breed for the moment, even in the other neighboring countries it is still not widespread.

Slovensky Kopov: price

To get an idea of ​​the price of a copy of Slovensky Kopov it is advisable to contact the three farms that ENCI officially recognizes to be sure not to run into unsafe deals. To contact them already prepared, here are some of the most common defects of the breed: colors not allowed by the standard, non-standard sizes, white markings, badly worn ears, limbs not upright, incorrect gait, clear eye, depigmented nose, badly carried tail and shy character.

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