How to repair wallpaper

How to repair wallpaper

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How to repair wallpaper:unglued wallpaper, non-stick wallpaper and repair of damage such as tears, scratches and stains on the wallpaper.

If you have any problems with thelaying the wallpaperwe invite you to read our guide entitledWallpaper, how to put it on. If you have any problems with thewallpaper that does not stick, you are probably not using the right glue for the type of substrate or you should prepare the substrate better. We point out an excellent one wallpaper glue which have the advantage of being easy to use and long lasting, so you will not stumble on the problem ofwallpaper that lifts off the wall(low-cut wallpaper).

  • Metylan Direct Controll, wallpaper glue

The 200 gram pack will be enough for you to lay 20 square meters of wallpaper. How do you prepare wallpaper glue?

Take the contents of half the package (100 gr, which is enough for 10 m2 of medium / heavy weight wallpaper), dilute it in 2 liters of cold water. The glue is powdered and must be added quickly, mix well, wait 15 minutes and remix, now you can proceed with the installation of the wallpaper.

Bubbles under the wallpaper, wallpaper lifting off the wall

If bubbles form under the wallpaper, it means that you have not evenly coated the surface with glue at the time of installation. To overcome this problem you need to get a cutter. Make a cross cut right at the bubble, to be more precise use a ruler. Fold the flaps of paper outwards and apply some adhesive inside.

Apply pressure by pushing the paper against the wall and reposition the flaps correctly.

If the wallpaper has patterns and you are not sure you will be able to glue it back as it was in the beginning, you can use an alternative technique rather than making a cross cut.

Buy some wallpaper glue and prepare it as explained in the introduction; take a syringe and fill it with liquid glue. Inject the glue under the wallpaper bubble and with a cylindrical can of coke, apply pressure: roll a weighted cylinder on the wallpaper near the glue you just injected! We mentioned the can of coke but you can use any cylindrical and heavy object.

How to fix torn wallpaper

If there is a tear in the upholstery or wallpaper, the repair is simple. You must, however, have some spare wallpaper, of the same pattern used in the installation phase.

How to fix a tear in wallpaper?
Very simple!

  1. Cut a piece slightly larger than the tear and place it on top of it. Be careful to match the designs of the prints used.
  2. Place the new piece of wallpaper on the tear and, with the cutter, simultaneously cut both the new piece of wallpaper and the wallpaper underneath. At this stage you must make sure that you include the entire damaged part of the wallpaper installed in the cutout.
  3. Remove the old torn wallpaper.
  4. Using wallpaper glue, attach the new cutout making sure the edges match.
  5. Press down on your patch until the wallpaper adheres completely.

Stains on the wallpaper

Many wallpapers are washable, so just take a sponge soaked in warm water and Marseille soap. In the case of vinyl wallpaper, you can use brushes with soft bristles and insist on the stain until it is eliminated.

In case of grease and grease stains or if you do not know if your wallpaper is washable, you can perform a dry cleaning. Dab, with a clean rag, some trichlorethylene near the stain.

Trichlorethylene is a chemical compound used as a solvent, in the past it was also widely used in the commercial field but today its use is prohibited because it is a toxic and carcinogenic compound. This substance should definitely not be inhaled and, before use, carefully read the warnings on the label.

Where to buy the trichlorethylene?
In stores specializing in DIY and do-it-yourself or using the web buying and selling. On Amazon, a bottle of trichlorethylene can be bought for € 9.95 and free shipping.

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