Tactical flashlight for adventures in nature

Tactical flashlight for adventures in nature

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Tactical flashlight: the characteristics to be evaluated before purchase. Power of light (lumens), resistance and reliability of the torches to illuminate.

Looking for onepowerful tactical flashlightthat it is also reliable, shock resistant and perfect to accompany you on your adventures in nature? Perfect, you are in the right place! The torch is a very precious tool, it is always listed among the tools to carry during a trip in the woods or a picnic in the countryside. To know more: trekking, what to bring.

Theretorchit is an extremely useful tool for those who love the outdoors and stay out even after dusk. For those who love adventure, thetorchit is not a mere tool for lighting but a life saver, so it must have extra functions such asblinkingo ability to send a help message (sos) using morse code. These are the classic characteristics that can be found in onetactical flashlight for military use.We list the key features of a tactical flashlight.


The power of a light source is expressed inlumen. The torches that we find on the market, even if of a military and tactical type, generally do not exceed 800 lumens. By moving to professional models, we can obtain a higher luminous intensity power.


On the market we find torches powered by classic batteries (AA stylus, mini stylus, AAA…) or torches powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. Torches powered by lithium batteries have the disadvantage of forcing the user to purchase 2 or more rechargeable batteries in order to go out with a spare. Even with the torches powered by batteries, the user will have to buy a stock to take with them, but the expense will be much lower, not to mention that it is possible to choose rechargeable batteries to further lower the expense.


Atactical flashlightit must be extremely impact resistant. For example, those who love cycling need not fear that the torch falls from the two pedal wheels because a good torch does not break due to such an inconvenience! Not only resistance to impact and pressure, thetactical flashlightsthey can also be resistant to water or underwater. Those who love diving cannot do without a diving torch because underwater, at certain depths, it is possible to find yourself in low light conditions even before dusk!


The ability to zoom in or out on the light spectrum is very convenient for those who live at night. A very wide spectrum is useful for walking in the woods while a more limited and deeper spectrum is convenient if we are still and want to illuminate a limited area such as a branch, a trunk, a bird of prey in flight ...

Extra features

Among the extra functions to look for in onemilitary tactical flashlightthere is water resistance (diving torch) and theblinking. Aflashing flashlightit is useful for communicating remotely during night inspections, between different observation points even at great distances between them.

Another possibility granted by some models oftactical flashlight(especially if of a military type) is the ability to send help messages using Morse code.

Tactical flashlight, which one to buy

There are many models on the markettactical flashlights for military use,very useful for those who enjoy night fishing, camping, extreme cycling or picnics after dark.

Among the models offered by the market, we point out the Moobom tactical flashlight for the excellent value for money of the product. The flashlight, in fact, despite being of a professional type, costs only 9.59 euros.

The design is compact and robust, thetactical flashlightis made of durable military grade aluminum. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries (as an option, you can also choose a lithium battery to be recharged in current) and is extremely resistant to shocks.

It uses five different operating modes, has an excellent zoom and is capable of sending SOS using the Morse code. There is no lack of modeblinking(the flashlight works as a flashing light) and the LED bulb has an average life of over 100,000 hours. The power is 900 lumens (and not 2,000 as included in the product description) and the light beam is able to illuminate a depth of about 10 meters with a high amplitude.

Useful link: Moobom, tactical flashlight
Price: 9.59 euros with free shipping

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