How to make perfect holes in the wall

How to make perfect holes in the wall

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How to make holes in the wall: tips for drilling a wall, a wooden support or a tile. How to use the drill to do holes in the wall perfect.

Wood, tiles and masonry are different materials so they need "fuses "different. Thefusesare the drill bits of the drill. Using a fuse for any material would be inconvenient: those for wood they are more delicate and prevent the wood from "crumbling" along the edges of the hole.

The tips of the drill for tiles they are harder and carry, on the apex, a specific processing in order to scratch even the surface of the bricksshinywithout slipping. The same tips can be used for marble even if, to drill marble and some tiles, a drill with adequate power is required.

In summary: the techniques to use the drill fordrill into wood, walls, tiles or marbleare the same, to make the difference are factors such as the hardness of thetipsand the power of the drill used. Aelectric drillFor example, it is great for drilling into wood, walls and thinner tiles but is ineffective in reinforced concrete or concrete, marble or harder tiles.

Thedrillcan also be used fordrill plexiglasand plastics of various kinds. It can come in handy fordrill the glassbut several precautions must be taken.

How to drill holes in the wall

Before running anyholeinhouse wall, check that there are no wires, pipes or cables running in correspondence with your future hole. To do this, use a metal detector.

The metal detector is an easy to find tool on the market and also very cheap. As often happens, the most competitive offers are found on the web where competition is great. To obtain a quality product without having to spend a fortune, we recommend the Bosch PMD metal detector 7, offered at a price of 49.95 euros with free shipping.

In case ofconcrete or reinforced concrete wall you will need a powerful impact drill.

The drill bit must be suitable for the type of wall and equipped, at the end, with widia plates.

Establish exactly where you wantdrill the wall.

If you are unsure about the exact size of the holeto do, start practicing ahole in the wallusing a smaller fuse and then refine the desired diameter by working with the right tip.

In addition to the diameter, you must also take care of the length of the hole: it is important to practiceholesthe exact length of the plug to be applied in order to guarantee maximum sealing. To calculate the length you can use the rod supplied with the drill or a simple food stick for skewers!

When drilling the hole, the drill bit must always be perfectly perpendicular to theplane to be drilled and therefore perfectly parallel to the ceiling and floor. Avoid tilting the drill while drilling because you will produce more dust than it should, you risk expanding the hole too much and even making the anchor seal unsafe.

After drilling, it is important to clean theholefrom dust residues to allow entry of the dowel or without any resistance.

To show you how to make godsholes in the wall with the drill, we leave you to a video tutorial made byBuilding.The video will explain how to mount a shelf on the wall, but after the first minute of the introduction it will explain how to put afisher on the walland therefore how to drill holes with the use of a drill. In the video they use an electric drill but the same instructions are valid for any drill.

How to drill a tiled wall

If it is atiled wallTo prevent the drill bit from slipping, scratch the tile lightly using an awl. Place the awl in the exact spot where you want to drill the hole. A safer alternative is to apply a small piece of adhesive paper to the point where you intenddrill the tiled wall.

If the hole in the wall is bad and you need to plug it, use ready-to-use putty following the instructions in the articlehow to fix a crack in the wall.

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