Unwanted hair, natural remedies

Unwanted hair, natural remedies

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Unwanted hair, all natural (and not) remedies to eliminate them and slow their growth. Advantages and disadvantages of hair removal techniques.

THE unwanted hair they have always been the burden of all women and for some time also of a slice of the male population. In women, the most annoying hairs grow in the groin area, in the armpits, on the face, on the arms and on the belly. THEunwanted hairthey can also annoy unthinkable areas such as the breasts or the big toe! On this page we will see all the techniques we have at our disposal for remove unwanted hair.

Unwanted hair, natural remedies

Remove unwanted hair with a manual or electric razor

Let's start with the oldest method, the razor. The razor is the most comfortable and fastest method forremove unwanted hair. It can be used in any circumstance, even when traveling for a last second hair removal.

Advantages: it is painless, the razor can also be used a couple of hours before exposure to the sun, it is fast, it does not leave marks, it does not leave redness and does not compromise the tan.

Disadvantages: Regrowth is quite rapid, iunwanted hairthey will appear again in four to five days.

Tips: apply shaving cream or plenty of soap before using the razor. After hair removal, apply a soothing cream with a disinfectant action. An excellent natural post-epilation remedy is given by aloe vera gel enriched with a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil.

Depilatory cream, mousse or depilatory soap

On the market we find creams, mousses and soaps born to eliminate unwanted hair. It is a far from natural remedy; these products are based on thioglycolic acid which acts by "dissolving" the rigid structure of keratin that constitutes the hair. Depilatory creams do not damage the root but slow down its growth.

Benefits: Hair growth is slowed, hair will take 4 to 10 days to grow back. The products are easy to use and painless.

Disadvantages: not suitable for sensitive skin, not suitable for sensitive areas of the body (groin, armpits, face ...), lighten the tan slightly.

Tips: after use, rinse thoroughly with warm water and a slightly acid pH soap. Rinse again using a neutral pH natural stabilizing soap.

Before using any hair removal cream, it is recommended to perform a skin test by applying the product to a very small area of ​​your body. All hair removal creams have a maximum exposure time of 8 minutes, so avoid longer contacts.

Wax to remove unwanted hair

Again you have to be careful when talking aboutnatural remedies: most of the waxes on the market are a mix of natural wax enriched with artificial resinous compounds. In recent times, two have become very popularnatural waxes, one based on caramel (basically sucrose or cooking sugar, also called Arab wax) and one based on honey. These two waxesnaturalthey are only useful for hot waxing. For more information:

  • DIY honey wax
  • Arabic caramel wax

Cold waxing is more comfortable and practical than hot wax and has the advantage of being accessible to everyone, even those who do not have a hot-wax stove or suffer from varicose veins. For clarity, here is the difference between hot wax and cold wax: with hot wax, the wax is heated and spread on the skin and then pulled off with strips of non-woven fabric. Cold wax consists ofready-made stripsthat allow rapid epilation, even in emergency conditions.

For all the advantages and disadvantages of waxing and to understand if hot or cold is better, we invite you to visit the dedicated pageHot waxing or cold waxing.

When it comes towaxing, much depends on the skill of the operator who performs application and tearing. If you intend to do the hot wax yourself, to remove even the shortest hairs, learn to dose well the amount of wax to be applied in the area to be epilated. All the instructions for waxing yourself can be found in the article "how to wax at home ".

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