How to polish the car

How to polish the car

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How to polish the car: products and tips to polish the car as your body shop would do. Polish cars with classic colors or metallic bodywork.

It is not very difficult to take care of your own car. With constant maintenance, even a very old vehicle can sport a great look. The car should be washed at least once a month, stains such as bird droppings, limestone, insects ... in the long run they could create permanent damage; with the passage of time, tree resins and other organic residues can cause stains that are difficult to remove even with the most careful polishing.

When the car is cleaned and polished, all the moisture dries out more quickly, while, when it is dirty, it accumulates and triggers corrosion. If washing takes long-term care of the vehicle, polish the car gives great gratification both short and long term.

How to polish the car

With a wax-based product. Passing a car wax will make your car body shine and protect the paint. A high quality wax will remain on the car for about 3 months and it takes an average of 40 minutes to pass the wax along the entire body.

Some brands boast of protect the car for the entire life of the vehicle, unfortunately this is nothing more than a decoy, it is inevitable that atmospheric agents and other factors will affect the perfect gloss of the vehicle; in other words, no product lasts forever and in order to keep the protective coat shiny, any product must be applied periodically.

When applied, the wax forms a thin transparent layer that covers the original paint of the car. Good quality waxes cover even small scratches making them less visible and making your vehicle look like new.

When to polish the car

The wax should be passed every 3-4 months. Right after washing, when your car is clean and dry. Park the car in a shady area. For polish the car you need a soft sponge, soft cotton and a clean towel. The wax for polish the car must be free of abrasive agents, read the label carefully and before polish the whole car, test the product only on one area.

When using liquid wax, shake the bottle well and apply wax to your sponge. Begin at polish the car in segments, one portion at a time (first a door, then the front hood, the rear one and so on…). The wax must be spread evenly over the entire segment of the car and over all segments of it.

It is advisable to start passing the wax from the top to the bottom. Unfortunately, even after washing, the lower part of the car continues to be dirty. If you start at polish the car from below, the dirt will be absorbed by the sponge and then carried to the other areas of the car.

Wax should not be applied to plastic or rubber surfaces, it is important to avoid these areas as it will leave white spots. The stains left by the wax can be removed with a glass spray and cotton. After applying the wax, wipe with the soft, clean cloth. The cloth is passed by making rotational movements.

Polish the car by hand or with an electric polisher

Those who want to polish the car by hand simply have to arm themselves with a sponge and specific wax (liquid or paste). Those who prefer to polish the car with an electric polisher to make the job easier, must be careful to choose the right device.

Polishing machines, if used incorrectly, can damage the car body so pay attention to frequently change the front bearings of the electric polisher. Among the products with the best quality / price ratio on the market, we point out:

  • Einhell polisher and sander
    Proposed on Amazon at the price of 54.90 euros. To be used to polish the car with a cotton or synthetic cap.
  • TecTake professional polisher
    Recommended for the most demanding and for those who have more than one car. It is a professional sander with 7 different speed levels. To polish the car, the correct speed level is the lowest. Polishing skins are included, although we recommend using one of the three sponges with a honeycomb structure included in the kit. The object is offered at the promotional price of 104.90 euros.

Those on the hunt for good car polish waxes, here are the ones that boast good satisfaction among motorists:

Ma-Fra Last Touch - Liquid Wax
Liquid wax spray, proposed with free shipping at the price of 14.80 euros.
Mirage Arexons Protective Car Wax
Wax for polishing, proposed at a price of 16.90 euros with free shipping.
Synpol Deluxe Carnauba Wax
Cleans the last residues, polishes and protects the bodywork. Proposal at the price of 12.50 euros with free shipping.

How to polish the car by hand

If you are not planning to buy onepolisher, you have to resign yourself topass the waxalong the entire body of the car, by hand.Polish the carwith a polisher it will take you 10-15 minutes while those who choose to do the work by hand will take an average of 40-50 minutes, depending on the size of the vehicle.

Forpolish the car body by handwe recommend a high quality wax, chosen from those listed above or recommended by a trusted friend who has already had the opportunity to experience it firsthand. To polish the bodywork by hand, the easiest waxes to manage are those with the most consistencycreamy and therefore easier to spread.

The wax we recommend forhand polishing of the carand theMeguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax, a semi-liquid wax that has been formulated precisely to facilitate its application and permanence on the vehicle body. It is also suitable for body shopsmetallized orpearly. The product purchase package includes a circular applicator and a microfiber cloth. With the disc-shaped applicator, the wax should be applied following circular movements.

How to polish the car by hand?

  • Add semi-liquid wax on the applicator.
  • Fold the applicator on itself in order to distribute the product as evenly as possible.
  • The wax must be passed into compartments, then first one door, then the other, then the rear hood .... Identify a first compartment and place the applicator on the bodywork leaving onevertical strip of the product.
  • Continue to distribute the wax following circular movements that will take place around the most abundant strip of wax that you will have left with the first contact between the applicator and the bodywork.
  • Wax the entire portion of the bodywork on which you have been working.
  • Let the wax dry.
  • Remove the wax residue with a microfibre cloth.

The product mentioned is offered on Amazon at a price of 30.18 euros with free shipping costs. It's about awaxprofessional. The bottle is 473 ml and with medium-sized sedans it has a yield that sees at least 8/10 treatments. The package includes an applicator (which is nothing more than a very porous and compact sponge, which will help you distribute the wax evenly) and a microfibre cloth to remove wax residues.

After application, run a finger on the bodywork, you will feel it smooth and your finger will not have the slightest friction as it flows along the polished finish.

The recommended product is perfect for any type of finish, even the most difficult: metallic bodywork, black, white or pearly bodywork.

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