Posavatz Hound: kennels and puppies

Posavatz Hound: kennels and puppies

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Posavatz Hound, a Croatian hound with very ancient origins, who unfortunately is still little known outside his country compared to many of his colleagues. Yet he has nothing less than them, indeed, they probably envy him for the way he hunts hare and wild boar.

We begin to get to know it, waiting for it to arrive also in Italy where at least one breeding already hosts it. Sturdy but medium in size, the Posavatz Hound has a light bone structure but that does not compromise at all its performance as a member of Group 6, that of hounds and dogs for blood trail.

Posavatz Hound: characteristics

Proportionate and solid, this dog has a medium, square trunk and perfectly limbs that not only give him a fast pace but also an excellent boost. Endowed with lean musculature, his physique ends with a tail that looks like an extension of the back, becoming thinner and thinner: the saber-like door, covered with soft hair.

The head of this hound is definitely the classic head of the braccoid, proportionate, and ends with a Nose always black in color and with well opened nostrils. The ears pop out but are immediately hanging along the cheeks, flat and with rounded tips while the eyes stand out for how large and dark in color they are. The Posavatz Hound he has a deeply intelligent look and he is.

Posavatz Hound: puppies

Small but not too much, the puppies of Posavatz Hound they will arrive as adults to measure 50 cm at the withers, if male, while 48 or a little less if female. From an early age this dog has the hair "definitiveAnd it is a 3 cm long hair, dense and flat, on the belly slightly longer as well as on the rear edges of the limbs and on the underside of the tail.

If we are looking for a puppy of Posavatz Hound, we do not hope to find it brown or chocolate color, because the shades provided by the standard are those of reddish formentino. On a background like this, we can then also find white spots, in the area of ​​the head, for example, and often in the shape of a star or of more extended lines or shapes.

A peculiarity of this dog, not only his own, but certainly that catches the eye in his case, is the frequent presence of a sort of collar formed by white fur and which extends over the bib, under the belly, on the lower part of the limbs and on the tip of the tail.

Posavatz Hound: Character

Intelligent, I have already anticipated it, but not only intelligent, too skillful, quick, obedient and sweet. He is not a flawless dog but he certainly has one good temper. Certainly not good at all for lazy masters because it is and remains a hound created to be a resistant hunter of hares and roe deer. Moreover it is a great barker, gritty, cheerful, who always wants to play or go hunting.

We can keep it with family and children it is a responsible and delicate dog, it does not require special attention other than walks in the open air. Like most hounds, born to run in the green.

Posavatz Hound: farms

Although not very common in Italy, the Posavatz Hound unlike other hounds, it is bred. In Molise, in the province of Isernia, there is the only breeding that to date ENCI officially recognizes for this breed and there it is bred together with that of another hound, the one from Istria, with short hair.

Posavatz boar hound

Although his specialty is there hare, this dog is also dedicated to boar, in pursuit of him. These are always practices that date back to its origins, preserved according to the environment in which the dog lives.

Of course, the boar and hare were his prey in his homeland, where he is called Posavski gonic although in 1955 it was registered as a "Kras Basin Hound". Today it is officially Posavatz Hound or "Save Valley Hound”, So that he remembers where he came from, even though, as a hound, he shouldn't lose track.

Posavatz Hound: price

To know the price of a puppy of Posavatz Hound It is better to go directly to the Italian breeding that keeps some specimens, to give you an idea, it shouldn't be less than 500 euros, but not much more either. THE more frequent defects for this breed they are an incorrect gait, badly worn ears, a depigmented nose, a twisted tail, or an aggressive or shy character.

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