Nebelung cat: breeding and price

Nebelung cat: breeding and price

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Nebelung cat, a breed that has earned a place all to itself, official, despite being the semi-longhaired variety of the Russian Blue. It comes from the United States and at the same time from Russia, both countries have decided to create felines with these characteristics without consulting each other, without taking sides with either one or the other, the Nebelung cat its reputation as an excellent companion animal is held tight. IS' proud of his cloak with fur semi long gray-blue that she wears with elegance, looking at us with bright green eyes. She is very quiet and even more affectionate, almost impossible not to love him, but his is a beauty that costs.

Nebelung cat: characteristics

The coat of this breed is definitely the characteristic that distinguishes it and makes it desired, at least at first sight: it is blue and homogeneous, soft and pleasant to caress. The standard is very strict in prohibiting the presence of white hairs and also shades of other colors, the nose and pads of the paws must then agree with the color of the coat, therefore be gray, while the absolutely green and intelligent eyes.In puppies they can also be dark blue but then change color with the onset of adolescence.

The body of the Nebelung cat is medium in size, males can weigh from 3.5 kg to 5 kg while the females are lighter, maximum 3 kg and a half. Long and elegant, always harmonious in the movements, the Nebelung it has a long and powerful neck and thin limbs ending in small, oval legs. The tail is long and rather thin, the head instead is large and with a tapered shape, but not sharp, with rather prominent cheekbones and ears that stick out straight, large and pointed.

Nebelung cat: character

As I mentioned right away, this cat it is perfect for those who want a quiet and affectionate apartment feline since he is the first to want to enjoy the comforts of home life that we can offer him. In exchange for pampering and fidelity, of course, but the Nebelung cat he will give us plenty by following us everywhere if we become his favorites, placing himself in his arms and never giving up.

With strangers, however, he is shy, he does not grant tenderness to strangers and if they enter the house he keeps his distance waiting to evaluate if he can consider them friends. It is never aggressive and if well educated, it also coexists with other animals, whether they are cats, dogs or other kinds.

He doesn't have a great liking for children, this must be said, not because he is bad but because the confusion makes him a little anxious and he prefers quiet environments where he can stretch, doze, stroll around meowing every now and then - rarely - with his sweet and subdued.

Nebelung cat: breeding

It is not a very widespread breed but neither cannot be found, fortunately. A breeding of Nebelung cats, which also holds i Russian blue, recognized by AFeF AFI and WCF, is the “Blue Mist Glare”, on the official website you can see its characteristics and some cute kittens that are difficult to resist. This breed was born around the 1980s by some American breeders and in a second moment it was realized that even in Russia it had been bred for some time, so there are two countries of origin.

Nebelung cat: price

Beautiful and not very popular, the Nebelung cat it has a considerable price, usually starting from 800 euros but before worrying about it, it is advisable to contact the indicated breeding, others officially recognized by the reference bodies, to learn more about the figures and the availability of puppies on the spot. Once we have received a specimen of this breed, let's remember brush his coat at least weekly with a soft brush, to keep ears clean and nails trimmed. And of pamper him.

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